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Mexico Visa for Malawian Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
Tourist love this destination in the Riviera Maya since it is too tempting for vacationers with its soft sand cloaking its seashores and its stunning coastline panorama. Adventurous visitors can also bike to a nearby cenote for a revitalizing dip or hit the links at one of upscale Playacar's golf courses.
All-inclusive resorts, vacation rentals and boutique properties abound in this territory, too, give travelers a broad spectrum of choices to suit Malawians’ likings and budgets.

All they would need is a Mexico Tourist Card and a visa to reach this place. Travelers must know that both these documents are entirely different and both are also mandatory to gain entry into Mexico. Additionally, visitors from Malawi must apply for the visa as the primary step of their trip to Mexico.

The Mexico embassy is the place they must get in touch with, for the visa. Contrary to that, they can apply for a Tourist Card online. They, however, need to be careful while filling their particulars in the online application.
If there are errors in the application form, there is a strong likelihood of it getting canceled. Once it has been processed and ready, the Mexico Tourist Card is mailed to the applicant on the email ID that they enter in the online form.
Alternatively, travelers can also apply for it while on the flight to Mexico or 30 days after they arrive in Mexico, however, the online process is strongly recommended.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

This is How Malawian Citizens Would Do It Online

Everything becomes easy when applied for online. It can be understood in the following steps:  

  1. Filling the online form clean and error-free. 
  2. Documents upload not required.  

  3. A Malawian passport number to complete the online process well.   

Once it is processed and ready, the Mexico Tourist Card is emailed to the applicant.  It is a good idea to its print copies since they need to carry it to be perused by the officials at the immigration counter of the Mexico airport.

Valuable Information for Mexico Tourist Card Applicants

Visitors from Malawi must keep in mind the following:

  1. They are not permitted to get involved in any paid assignments or professional activities while travelling on this Card.

  2. This travel document only allows for tourism-driven trips.
Applicants need to mention their flight number and airline information when applying online.
Tourist Card Sample

Crucial Documents for a Mexico Tourist Card

When applying online for a Mexico Tourist Card, travelers have with them:      

  1. A Malawian passport with a validity of 180 days after they arrive in Mexico. 
  2. Printouts or hard copies of the Card, just to be on the safer side. However, it is linked to the traveler’s passport number.

Getting into Mexico

Before they take the flight to Mexico, travelers must have in their possession the following travel papers:

  • Their Malawian passport (must be the one used to apply for the visa)

  • Their Mexico Tourist Card

  • Their visa
These documents are scrutinized by the immigration officials at an international airport in Mexico.

How to Apply for the Mexico Visa?

People planning to travel to Mexico to enjoy its amazing landscape, or on a vacation, or as tourists, or in transit, need to apply for a valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card. They can apply for a Mexico visa from any Mexican embassy that is convenient for them. 

All Mexican embassies have different time frames to process a Mexico visa. Hence, as a caution, applicants must reserve an appointment with their Mexico embassy, to apply for a Mexico visa, say the least a month before they decide to travel.

The best part is that they have the facility to apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in their country (or in another country where they are present when they plan to apply). The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Fix a meeting with the Mexico embassy  

  2. Fill in the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Collate the pertinent documents

  4. Submit the Application Form

  5. Pay the visa fee
To check the timeline of a Mexico embassy to process a visa, applicants can check out the corresponding embassy’s website. They can also get in touch with the embassy authorities for this information. 
This is significant since every Mexican embassy takes a different amount of time to process a Mexico visa. This timeframe varies from 2 working days to 10 working days, depending on the Mexico embassy the candidate is applying from.  A few embassies advise applicants to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before their travel.
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