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Mexico Visa for Liechtenstein Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Tourist hotspots in Mexico like Tulum, Xcaret Park, and El Arco welcome thousands of international tourists every year. Thanks to the support of the national administration; this country has evolved as a haven for visitors from Liechtenstein and many countries across the globe.
The best part is that travelers from Liechtenstein won’t need a visa to enjoy a vacation in Mexico. They will only need a Mexico Tourist Card, which is easy to obtain. 

As a Liechtenstein citizen, you won’t need a visa, but it is important to understand that the Tourist Card is not a replacement for a visa. Ideally, you should apply for the Card before you embark on a journey to Mexico to avoid last-minute hassles. The online application can be the best option as many airlines don't offer this facility anymore.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Online Tourist Card Application

Mexico Tourist Card holders are allowed to visit the country only for the purpose of tourism. They are not allowed to get involved in any form of employment activities on this Card.

Monacans should carry printouts of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card if they are entering the country through any Mexican airport. When applying for the Tourist Card for Mexico, tourists must submit the details of flight tickets and flight numbers in the application form.

Travelers from Liechtenstein would be more than thrilled to tour Mexico and visit the top attractions scattered across the nation. They can also indulge in the local delicacies served at the local restaurants as they enjoy a long drive across the cities. There are innumerable opportunities to make the most of during their trip, but they should acquire a Tourist Card immediately. The online application process for the Card is easy and convenient if they follow the simple steps mentioned below:           

  1. Travelers need to fill and complete an online application form to obtain the Mexico Tourist Card. Filling it accurately is important, else it may get rejected. 
  2. Applicants don’t have to upload any travel-related documents while applying for the Card online.

  3. They will need a valid Liechtenstein passport to finalize the application process. It should be valid for not less than 6 months from the journey date.
  4. The processed Mexico Tourist Card is sent to the applicant through email.

  5. Once the Tourist Card is ready, travelers will have to take out printouts of the Tourist Card in “color” or “black & white”. The immigration officials will check these documents when travelers arrive at a particular Mexican destination.  

Instructions for Travelers to Mexico        

Vacationers from Liechtenstein and other countries can have a wonderful time once they land at their chosen destination. The world-famous archeological sites will leave them bewildered. They can also delve into the rich history and culture of this region during their stay.

However, they should restrain themselves from engaging in any new job during their stay as tourists. As a formality, they will also have to share their travel plans, including flight numbers and tickets at the time of application for the Tourist Card.
Tourist Card Sample

Documents Required for the Mexican Trip

As you get ready for a fantastic holiday break in Mexico, you should keep certain documents handy too. The must-have documents include:          

  • The Liechtenstein passport

  • Mexico Tourist Card 

Upon arrival in Mexico  

As a traveler from Liechtenstein, you would be amazed by the hospitality bestowed on you by the local folks in Mexico. The country has something interesting for every age group, so your stay should be a great experience.

In all the excitement of the trip, don’t forget to carry the necessary documents including the Liechtenstein passport, the visa, and printouts of the newly acquired Mexico Tourist Card. You are in for some amazing time in Mexico!  

Things to Know for Travelers to Mexico

  1. Travelers from Liechtenstein must be completely vaccinated and be sure of keeping with them, their regular and emergency medicines. CDC advises visitors to get vaccinated for hepatitis A as an added protection against problems that may arise due to edibles and beverage contamination, along with the typhoid vaccine, particularly for food enthusiasts and tourists headed for small towns or rural areas. Passengers must also carry with them non-prescription anti-diarrhoea medicine. If you are headed to Mexico, you must make sure that you keep antibiotics such as Cipro against unexpected bacterial infections. Stay safe from dehydration in case of any health issues, so that that it does not lead to hospitalization.

  2. Those who are traveling must also keep a copy of your passport and credit cards. These could be in the form of images in mobile phones. Be alert for credit and debit card transactions to ward off spurious transactions or withdrawals in Mexico.

  3. Remember to carry extra cash than you have estimated. If a health crisis arises in Mexico, chances are that a doctor or hospital may ask for cash payment. Though peso is the official currency in Mexico, dollars are delightfully expected.

  4. Register your travels with the nearest Mexico embassy. This will keep you updated with every important notification and announcement related to your destination and enables the authorities to locate you in case of an emergency. Also keep in mind and in hand the phone number for the nearest consulate in Mexico, just in case you need help. For travelers from Liechtenstein, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, theft or other possible calamities. 

  5. Prior to your return, confirm that you have all the vaccines that you need to return from Mexico and ensure that you are appropriately vaccinated.

  6. It is strongly recommended to carry an extra copy of the Mexico Tourist Card handy.
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