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Mexico Visa for Kyrgyz Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Traveling to Mexico has never been easier for Kyrgyz nationals. A visa and a Mexico Tourist Card are all that it takes to be able to enter Mexico. Trippers need to know that a Tourist Card and a visa are different and they must have both of these.

In the first place, visitors from Kyrgyzstan must apply for a visa. Therefore, they are required to get in touch with the Mexico embassy. The added advantage of a Tourist Card is that can also be applied online.
This process gets strong recommendations. Caution is advised, though, when applying online. Subsequent to its processing, the Mexico Tourist Card is emailed to the applicants on the ID they mention in the online form.
 Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Kyrgyz Citizens – Course of Application for a Mexico Tourist Card

Which method of applying for the Mexico Tourist Card is the best?
Getting a Tourist Card is the easiest if it is applied for online.

What steps make this process trouble-free?
Let us look at the steps that make this process free of hassles:   

  1. Entering information online carefully so that there are no flaws. 
  2. Not required to upload any documents.  

  3. Keeping a Kyrgyz passport number handy to complete the online application process  

What can be the cause of an application getting rejected?

Incorrect information in the application can be the cause of its rejection.

How is the Card delivered to the applicant?

Once it is processed, the Mexico Tourist Card is delivered to the applicant at the email address mentioned in the application form.      

What must the applicants to after receipt of the Tourist Card Mexico?

Once the applicants receive the Tourist Card Mexico, they must take its print copies.

Are print copies necessary?

Travelers must carry with them print copies so that authorities at the immigration counter of the Mexico airport can check them.

Can Kyrgyz travelers to Mexico take up jobs or paid assignments?

All those traveling from Kyrgyzstan to Mexico on the Tourist Card are prohibited from engaging in any job or paid assignments

What professional activities does the Tourist Card permit?

The Tourist Card does not permit any professional activities that involve payment.

So what are those who travel to Mexico on a Tourist Card allowed?
This travel document only allows for tourism activities.

Do applicants need to mention any flight-related information while applying online?
Applicants must state their flight numbers and airline details in the online application form.

What are the other mandatory documents for those intending to travel to Mexico on a Tourist Card?
For those applying for a Mexico Tourist Card it is mandatory to have the following:    

  1. A Kyrgyz passport that is at least valid for 180 days since their arrival in Mexico.  

  2. Hardcopies of the Tourist Card, if possible, as a backup. Though, it is linked to the passport number.

Can passengers from Kyrgyzstan use any valid passport when onboard to Mexico?
The Kyrgyz passport must be the same one that they have used to apply for the visa.

What are the three important travel papers that passengers need to keep with them on their way to Mexico?
Passengers must carry with them their Mexico Tourist Card, their valid passport and the visa.

What happens to these documents when visitors land at a Mexico airport?
These documents are checked and cleared by the immigration officials at an international airport in Mexico.   
Tourist Card Sample

Relevant Knowledge on the Mexico Visa

Heading for vacation, tour, adventure to Mexico? or in-transit? Ensure that you have a valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card. Here are some frequently asked questions that are answered for the benefit of those headed towards Mexico.

Are travelers required to apply for a Mexico visa from selected embassies?
A Mexico visa can be applied for from any Mexican embassy in the applicant’s state of origin or even from a different country where they may be stationed when applying.

What is the duration of processing a Mexico visa by an embassy?
The duration of processing a Mexico visa differs from one Mexican embassy to another, depending on the location of the embassy, where the applicant has applied.

How long before their travel should applicants fix an appointment with the embassy?
Applicants must be sagacious to schedule an appointment for a Mexico visa with the Mexico embassy closest to their location at least four weeks before their intended travel date.

What are the steps involved in the Mexico visa application process?
Following are the steps involved in the Mexico visa application process:

  1. Pin an appointment with the Mexico embassy  

  2. Populate the Mexico Visa Application Form with the information asked for

  3. Gather the associated documents

  4. Pay the fee

Where can applicants expect to find the duration a certain embassy takes to process a visa?
The website of the Mexico embassy from where the applicant has applied is likely to display the visa processing time. Besides, applicants can also contact the embassy officials to get this information. 

What is the range of processing time taken by embassies for a Mexico visa?
The visa processing time may range from 2 working days to 10 working days, depending on the embassy applied. 

How much margin is appropriate for applicants to fix their appointment with the respective Mexico embassy?
Applicants are advised to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before their trip.

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