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Mexico Visa for Israeli Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Why visit Mexico for your next vacation?   

For the residents of Israel, Mexico can be a sunny paradise where you can dip your feet in the beaches, dance to the tunes of salsa, or dive into the culturally rich atmosphere of the open markets and the mountain ranges.

The natural beauty of the Pacific coastal city is to die for. For a visit to the magical lands of Mexico, all the Israeli citizens need to do is obtain a Tourist Card and a visa. They can apply for a Tourist Card online, which is a hassle-free process.

No need to wait in the long queues outside the immigration office anymore. However, in the case of a visa, you will have to visit the Mexico embassy personally and apply for it. Note that Israeli citizens will need both the visa and the Tourist Card to enter Mexico.  

It is recommended that you carry clear printouts of both the visa and the Tourist Card during your travel across Mexico. Also, make sure you apply for the visa/tourist card at least 4 weeks prior to your travel as the processing time varies depending upon your country of origin. 

As a Tourist Card holder, you are entitled to enjoy everything that this nation has to offer. However, you are not permitted to take up any jobs or professional assignments during your stay.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

What is the online process of Mexican Tourist Card application?

The online process has made the application for the tourist card hassle-free since the 2015 act. All you need to do is sit in the comfort of your home and apply for it online. The main steps are listed below:

  • Fill out the application form correctly avoiding any discrepancies or typos.

  • Since the whole process is online, there is no need to upload or submit any documents for the Tourist Card. Just keep the details of your air tickets and passport handy.

  • Pay the required fees online through credit or debit cards.

  • The processed Tourist Card will be sent to your email ID as mentioned by you in the application form.

  • Take out printouts of the Tourist Card and carry them along with you during your trip. 

What are the points to remember as Israeli tourists?  

  • No other activities that account for professional activities, payments, education, etc. are allowed on the tourist card. The tourist card is solely for tourism purposes only.

  • Take out printouts of all the essential documents like flight tickets, passport, Tourist Card, and visa with you.

  • Carry some extra cash with you during your trip.

  • Make sure your passport has a validity of at least 180 days from your date of departure. Tourist Card Sample

What to do when you reach Mexico?   

All you need when you reach Mexico is your tourist card and the visa. Keep your passport handy at all times as well. You may be asked to show them at the time of arrival at the airport or during your travel in Mexico. It is recommended that you click the pictures of all the stated documents in your mobile phones as well for emergency purposes.   

How to apply for a Mexican visa?   

Since a visa is mandatory for Israeli citizens, it is recommended that you apply for it at least 4 weeks prior to your departure date. This gives you enough time to plan your trip even if the processing of the visa may take some extra time.     

The application process for a visa is a simple one, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:    

  • Visit the website of your nearest Mexican embassy to book an appointment. 

  • Check out the list of documents required and take both original and copies of the same with you at your appointment date. 

  • Fill out the necessary form along with all the correct details. Make sure there are no typos or incorrect information added.

  • Fill in the details of your passport and flight tickets

  • Submit the application form along with the verification forms and the fees.   

The application time for the Mexico visa varies for different countries, and some might take just 2 days while the others might take 20. Don’t forget to take along your passport that has a validity of at least 180 days from the date of your departure to Mexico. 

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