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Do Germans Citizens Need a Visa to Visit Mexico?

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Thousands of German tourists flock to Mexico to relax and refresh every year, and the number is only going up. The reason for this is not difficult to fathom. Mexico has curbed the infamous drug mafia and is now focusing a lot on encouraging tourism.

Germans do not need a visa to enter Mexico.

For those who can’t afford an American holiday but want to experience the American culture, Mexico is the place to be.

Buzzing downtown, great cultural history, natural wonders, and manmade attractions offer an unmatched experience for German travelers and you will never forget the experience in your lifetime.

The entry to Mexico for German citizens is easy.

Being a German tourist, you just need a Mexico Tourist Card to enter and stay in Mexico.

The Mexico Tourist Card ensures that your stay doesn’t exceed the duration mentioned in the Card.

The good thing is that you can obtain this document without any hassles and you can apply for it online. Note that many airlines have stopped handing out the Tourist Card application form these days.

Acquiring a Tourist Card would mean that you can enjoy various tourism-related activities and business visits.

Business visits imply various business meetings, offsite or onsite office get-togethers, etc. You should avoid engaging in any form of paid activities or jobs. 

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Tourist Card Application Process for German Citizens

The process for acquiring a Mexico Tourist card can be a cakewalk if you apply for it online.

Being a German tourist, you need to fill the Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) that confirms that you are a genuine German tourist and don’t have any intention of taking up any temporary or permanent professional assignment in Mexico.

You need to return after the completion of the stipulated duration of stay as mentioned on your Mexico Tourist Card.

After you complete the process, you can receive the Tourist Card in your email id within a couple of days. The process is quite straightforward and the information you need to share in your application form include:

  • Your valid German passport

  • Flight information including your travel itinerary

  • Your complete address

  • Name of the hotel where you intend to stay during your vacation.

Here is the typical process which you need to follow as a German citizen:

  • Visit the Natvisa Tourist Card page.

  • Go through the FMM form carefully before you fill it out.

  • You just need to enter certain details and there is no requirement to upload any document.   

  • Keep your German passport handy.   
  • Ensure the information provided is error-free.    

It is to be noted that a Tourist Card is required per person that also includes children. 

Instructions for German Travelers               

Of late, the popularity and reputation of Mexico as a great tourist destination have increased enormously.

That’s the reason why people from every part of the globe are flocking to this great North American destination. The time spent by you in Mexico will be the best moments in your life and that will be the best gift for your loved ones. 

Though the Mexican government is promoting and encouraging tourism, it still puts certain entry restrictions that you are not supposed to violate.

Visiting with a German passport means that your motive should be only to visit and enjoy whatever the country has to offer.

You cannot take up any job or professional work if you are in Mexico with a Tourist Card.

Stick to your travel plan and that is what the Mexican government expects from you. That is why you will have to share your travel plans and flight details when you apply for the Tourist Card.

Documentation Process for Mexican Tourist Card   

As a German, you need to follow the steps given below for obtaining the Mexico Tourist card:       

  • Keep your German passport handy, and it must have a validity of at least 6 months.

  • The personal and other details you enter in the Tourist Card application form should be correct.
Tourist Card Sample

Entering the Mexican Territory

Do you know that the largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico, and not in Egypt? If you are a foodie, Mexico has all the gastronomical delights.

It has the best beaches, tropical forests, and archaeological heritage sites to charm avid travelers.

You can enjoy these and much more by obtaining a Mexico Tourist Card. Simply ensure that your German passport has a minimum validity of six months.

You will have to present these documents to the immigration officials at the Mexican airport where you land (tourist card for air has been eliminated).

A big advantage of a Mexican trip is that the country offers everything you can expect from an American holiday break and that too at an affordable cost.

The cost of the tour can be further reduced if you get some fabulous online deals. Do some research before you decide on a Mexican getaway.  

Checkpoints for German Nationals Travelling to Mexico

1. All the tourists hailing from Germany are required to be completely vaccinated and carry their emergency and regular medicines along with them.

As an added layer of protection, the CDC encourages German individuals to get vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis-A before entering the lands of Mexico.

Other than the prescripted drugs, flyers are also advised to pack anti-biotics and anti-diarrhea medicines along with their luggage.

Avoid eating and drinking from unknown and unhygienic sources and drink plenty of water to avoid the possibility of dehydration.

2. Travelers are advised to keep a soft/hard copy of their credit cards and passports for emergency situations.

This can be done by taking a picture of the essentials on your mobile phones as well. Note: Be careful of fraudulent credit/debit transactions in Mexico.

3. Hospitals and nursing homes in Mexico often prefer payment in cash. Therefore it is advised for tourists to carry extra cash to avoid any trouble during the case of a medical emergency.

The two most acceptable forms of currency in Mexico are the peso and dollars.

4. To make your travel abroad safer, it is advised that you connect with the nearest Mexico embassy and a travel consultant.

You are also advised to get travel insurance beforehand to help you in case of medical or general tragedies.

5. Before returning to your own state, make sure you have got yourself vaccinated against all the diseases common in Mexico.

6. Keep your Mexico Tourist Card handy and carry 2-3 extra copies of it.
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