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Mexico Visa for Chilean Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Mexico has a culture that mirrors the nation’s historic memoir, which is flavored by its own indigenous civilization and the colors of Spain and other neighboring territories. Chilean citizen interested in having a superb vacation in this exciting country would need a Mexico Tourist Card, besides a visa. The purpose of granting this by the National Immigration Institute is mainly to promote tourism.

Those headed from Chile to Mexico would require a visa to move into Mexico. The first step in applying for a visa requires applicants to contact the Mexico embassy. To be able to enter Mexico by air or by road, a Mexico Tourist Card is imperative. Since its inception, the online process of applying is strongly recommended.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Mexico Tourist Card FAQs for Chileans Applying Online

Which mode of application has simplified the process of applying for a Mexico Tourist Card?

The online system of applying has simplified the process of acquiring a Mexico Tourist Card.

When was the online process rolled out?

The online process was implemented in 2015.

What is the advantage of having an electronic system in place for a Mexico Tourist Card?

The electronic system makes the entire application process for a Mexico Tourist Card straightforward and speedy.

How does the online application process begin?

For Chileans, to start with, they must fill the online application form.

What care needs to be taken while filling the online form?

While filling the online form, applicants must ensure that the information is precise and correct.

What will happen in case the information that is filled online has errors?

In case the information filled has errors, there is a strong chance that the application will be rejected. 

What are the documents that applicants are required to submit?

The online process does not require any documents to be submitted by the applicants.

Why do applicants need to provide a valid passport number?

While filling the online form, applicants are required to provide a valid passport number, because it is linked to their Mexico Tourist Card.

Since the entire process is online, what about the mode of payment?

The entire process being online, the mode of payment can be through a valid credit or debit card.

What is the purpose of applicants mentioning their email ID while applying online?

After it has been processed, the Tourist Card is sent to the applicants on the email id they mention in the form.

If the entire process is online why are passengers advised to keep hard copies of the travel documents?

Applicants are advised to keep hard copies of their travel documents as a precautionary measure against any technical issue that the email system may face.

Are the hard copies of travel documents required to be in color?

Passengers from Chile must carry printouts of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card. However, these printouts may be either black and white or in color.

What other information must applicants be prepared with when applying online?
When applying online, applicants must have with them the following:

  1. A passport with 180-day validity after they have arrived in Mexico.

  2. Their arrival flight details such as airline name and flight number

Before they decide to travel to Mexico on a Tourist Card, what is it that prospective travelers must be aware of?

It is very important that prospective travelers must know that the Mexico Tourist Card only allows visits directed at tourism, holiday or leisure, vacation and the likes. No visits besides those with the objective of tourism are allowed on the Mexico Tourist Card.

What are the Mexico travel restrictions on a Tourist Card?
Chilean nationals are not allowed to engage in any kind of employment or activity that results in payment when traveling on a Mexico Tourist Card.

What other details does the online system require from travelers?
While applying online, travelers also asked for their flight details (Airline Name and Flight Number) of their arrival flight in Mexico.

Is there any criterion for the passport to be used by those traveling from Chile to Mexico?
The passport must not be valid for less than six months and must be the one that was used to apply for the visa. 

Are the travel documents that passengers carry scrutinized?
These documents are checked by immigration officials at the Mexico Airport.

Tourist Card Sample

Mexico Visa Application – Questions Answered

If you plan to travel from Chile to Mexico for whatever reasons, even in transit, you must have a proper Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card. Here are a few questions answered for Mexico visa applicants.

From where is it possible to apply for a Mexico visa?
A Mexico visa is a document that can be applied for at an overseas Mexican embassy. 

What must Chileans know about the processing time of a Mexico visa?
They must know that the time taken to process a Mexican visa is different at every embassy.

How much time can a Mexican embassy take to process a visa?
A few embassies only take about a couple of days to process a visa, while others may take as much as four weeks.

When is the best time to fix an appointment with a Mexico embassy for a visa?
The best time to fix an appointment for a Mexico visa would be at least four weeks before the intended travel date.

Which is the best embassy to apply for a Mexico visa?
Chilean citizens can apply for a Mexico visa at a Mexican embassy in their country (or in any country of their presence at the time of applying).

How can the steps of applying for a Mexico visa be briefly listed?
The steps of the application process can be briefly listed as follows:

  • Getting in touch with a Mexico embassy for setting up a meeting
  • Filling the Mexico Visa Application Form correctly
  • Arranging for the proper documentation
  • Submission of the application
  • Payment of the visa fee

Does any Mexican embassy website provide information on the time it takes to process a visa?
The website of the Mexico embassy where travelers apply often has this information. Additionally, applicants can also contact their officials and get this information. 

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