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Mexico Visa for Bruneian Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
While many people will visit Mexico for its incredible resorts and its big tourist centers like Tulum, Cancun, Punta Cana, or Cozumel, the country has a lot more to offer. To go to this wonderful country, Bruneian citizens must have a Mexico Tourist Card, besides a visa. The process to acquire the Mexico Tourist Card for Brunei is completely online. That makes it even easier and effortless.

This is granted by The National Immigration Institute specifically to promote tourism. The important point to note is that tourists from Brunei also require a visa prior to their entry into Mexico. They are required to get in touch with or visit the embassy to apply for the Mexico visa.

Bruneians can acquire a Mexico Tourist Card if they aim to travel to Mexico by a flight or by road. With the help of the electronic system initiated in the year 2015, applying online, besides being strongly recommended, has also become super easy.

The Tourist Card is sent to the applicants’ email. Using the online process, the time saved in going to the embassy or struggling for an appointment can be used to focus on other more important parts of the travel. 

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card
How Does a Mexico Tourist Card Online Application Work for Bruneians

The electronic system of applying is ages ahead in speed and convenience. It can be briefed in the following simple steps: 

Enter Appropriate Information in the Application Form: Bruneians must enter their appropriate details in the application form online. They must check what they have filled in just to be sure and safe. 

Document Upload Not Required: The online form does not ask the applicant to upload any documents. They will be, however, asked for a valid passport number in the form.

Paying Fee: The last step of the process is the payment of fee via a credit or debit card. The Tourist Card is emailed to the address filled in the form.

Applicants must take either colored or black and white printouts of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card for their travel to Mexico. Normally it is not required because everything is online. However, this is a precautionary measure just in case there is a technical hitch with the email. This travel document is checked by the immigration officials at the airport. 

You Must Know This 

Mexico Tourist Card only permits tourism-related trips. Travelers are disallowed to engage in any type of employment activities or occupational activities throughout their stay. Bruneians must have with them printouts of both sides of this travel document while entering the country. When applying, tourists are also required to provide their flight details such as ticket and flight numbers.

Tourist Card Sample
Upload Process Minus Documents

The Mexico Tourist Card for Brunei does not require any documents to be uploaded. Bruneians only need to keep the following ready: 

  1. A valid passport from Brunei. This passport must be valid for 180 days since their arrival date.

  2. Flight details about their travel to Mexico.

Documents to Present after Reaching Mexico

It a seamless process for Bruneians to enter Mexico and enjoy its vast tourism opportunities. However, the highlight is that they would require a visa. When they reach Mexico, they must have the Mexico Tourist Card, and visa along with their valid passport. These are the travel documents that are verified by the immigration officials when visitors reach the country. In addition to the passport having a validity of 180 days, it must also be the same one that was used during the application process.

A Mexico Visa - How to Apply

For all who travel from Brunei to Mexico, or halt there in transit, an authenticated Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card is a 'must-have'. They can apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in their domestic country or any other country of their stay, at the time of applying. Every embassy has a different timeline for processing a Mexican visa. Some embassies process it in two working days, whereas others may take four weeks or 10 working days. Applicants are recommended to get an appointment for a Mexico visa at least four weeks before they plan to travel.

The application process for Bruneian citizens comprises the following steps:

  1. Connect with the Mexico embassy to book a meeting
  2. Append the Mexico Visa Application Form with the information asked for
  3. Collect the required papers
  4. Submit the online application
  5. Pay the visa fees

Applicants can get to know the time that will be taken to process their visa from the website of the Mexico embassy that they are applying from. Otherwise, they can also contact the officials there to know this. In practice, some embassies have an advisory for keen applicants advising them to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before your trip.

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