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Mexico Visa for Benin Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern part of North America. The annual Monarch butterfly migration is one of nature’s great spectacles and a top attraction for visitors to Mexico’s central highlands. For a visit to this awesome nation, besides a visa, Benin citizens need to get a Mexico Tourist Card. This can be applied for online and moreover, the online application is strongly recommended.

The authority that issues this is The National Immigration Institute. This travel document is primarily issued for tourism-related activities. It is to be noted that tourists from Benin, it is mandatory to have a visa before entering Mexico. For this purpose, they must get in touch with the embassy.

Benin citizens can apply for a Mexico Tourist Card if they plan to travel to Mexico using the land route or the air route. The electronic process that was implemented in 2015 has made it possible for tourists to apply for an ETA or Tourist Card online.

This travel document is sent to the applicant’s email id. Travel enthusiasts have an advantage when using the online application, which is that do not have to go to the embassy or take an appointment. 

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card
Applying for a Mexico Tourist Card Online for Citizens from Benin

The online process of getting a Tourist Card spells ease and convenience. It can be simplified into the following three steps: 

Entering Information in the Application Form: Benin travelers are required to enter their details in the Tourist Card application form online. The entered details must be correct and factual. 

Document Upload Not Required: The online form does not involve the upload of any documents. Nonetheless, a valid passport number is required to complete the form.

Paying Fee: Lastly, the payment of the fee needs to be done using a valid credit or a debit card.

The travel document is sent to the email ID mentioned in the form.

Travelers are required to take printouts of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card and carry it with them while going to Mexico. This needs to be examined by the immigration authorities at the country’s airport. 

Things to Remember for Mexico Tourist Card Applicants 

Mexico Tourist Card holders must know that they are only permitted to visit the country with the objective of tourism. It will be illegal for them to engage in any form of paid activities such as employment or professional services till they are in the country.

Visitors from Benin must carry the printouts of this document that they had earlier taken while entering the country through any Mexican airport. At the time of the online application, travelers need to provide information related to their flight tickets in the application form.

Tourist Card Sample
Process Eliminates the Need to Upload Documents

When applying for the Tourist Card, Benin citizens are not required to upload any type of document. However they only need to have the following with them: 

  1. A valid Benin passport with 6 months validity from their arrival date to the country.

  2. Information about their airlines and ticket details about their arrival in Mexico.

Formalities on Arrival in Benin

Travelers from Benin must have a Mexico Tourist Card to enter the country without a hitch. They must also not forget that a visa is also required. Visitors must be ready with these documents when they reach a Mexican airport. 

The documents that undergo scrutiny by the immigration officials upon entering the country are; the visa, a valid passport, and the Tourist Card. Besides having six-month validity, the passport must be the same that was used when applying for the visa.

Applying for a Mexico Visa

Benin citizens traveling to Mexico, even as a transit stoppage, mandatorily need an authenticated Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card. A Mexico visa can be applied for from a Mexican embassy in the applicant’s home country or any other country, at the time of applying. The duration of processing a Mexican visa differs from one embassy to another. Some embassies process it in two business days, whereas others may take four weeks. Applicants from Benin are advised to get an appointment for a Mexico visa four weeks or more, prior to the planned travel date.

The application process can be understood as follows:

  1. Interact with the Mexico embassy to book a meeting
  2. Fill applicant’s details in the Mexico Visa Application Form
  3. Gather the necessary documents
  4. Submit the online application
  5. Pay the visa fees

Applicants can get to know when their visa will be processed from the website of their respective Mexico embassy, or they can speak to the officials there about it. The reason for this is that every embassy has a different system of operation. Practically speaking, a few embassies suggest that the applicants fix their appointment at least four weeks before your trip.

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