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Mexico Visa for Angolan Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
Mexico is an enchanting place that has a generous offering of history, routes, cuisine among many other things. Tourist influx to the country is the highest that any country can have, thanks to beaches of the Mexican Caribbean route that has a plethora of adventure for tourists.
It has a flamboyant number of resort destinations. To visit this country, Angolan citizens require a Mexico Tourist Card, and a visa. They can get this easily by applying for it online.

The National Immigration Institute grants the Tourist Card for Mexico with the primary purpose of promoting tourism. It is mandatory for tourists from Angola to get a visa before they land in Mexico. To apply for a Mexico visa, they must contact the embassy.

Angolans will be requiring a Mexico Tourist Card to enter Mexico via air or by land route. The electronic system that was launched in 2015 has made it easy for tourists to apply online. The Tourist Card for Mexico is sent to the applicants on their email. The icing on the cake, when they apply online is that it eliminates the need to go to an embassy or schedule an appointment and wait in long queues.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card
What is the Online Application Process for Angolans?

Applicants can easily and quickly get a Mexico Tourist Card using the electronic system. Nevertheless, knowing the 3 steps listed below is important: 

Entering details in the Application Form: Angolans are required to enter their particulars in the online application form. Filling the form with razor-sharp accuracy is of prime importance. 

Not a Single Document Needed: There are no paperwork essentialities for the online form and nothing needs to be uploaded with it. Nonetheless, Angolans must have a valid passport number to conclude this process.

Fee Remittance: The process concludes with the remittance of the fee, which requires a credit or debit card.

The Tourist Card is emailed to the id mentioned in the form.

Travelers must get a print copy of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card before their trip to Mexico to be checked by the immigration authorities at the airport. 

Important Information for Applicants of Mexico Tourist Card

It is permissible for Mexico Tourist Card holders only to visit the country for tourism. They are not permitted to indulge in any kind of paid activities such as jobs or likewise, during their stay. At the time of applying, Angolans also need to provide information about their flight in the application form.

Tourist Card Sample
The No-Document Policy

Citizens from Angola do not have to upload any document at the time of applying online. On the other hand, they must have this with them: 

  1. A passport having a validity of 6 months since they arrive in Mexico.

  2. Flight information related to their arrival in Mexico.

Documents on Reaching Mexico 

Angolans must have a Mexico Tourist Card to get into the country. They can get it hassle-free. It must be noted that apart from this, a visa is also required. As soon as visitors reach Mexico they need to produce both of these at the airport. It would be verified by the immigration authorities before the tourists enter the country. This is besides the visa and a valid passport, which needs to be shown to the immigration officers. Care should be taken to carry the same passport that was used to apply for the visa application.

Mexico Visa Application

If Angolans are entering Mexico for any reason, even if it falls on the way, a valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card, both are must-haves. It is possible to apply for a Mexico visa at a Mexican embassy overseas. The time taken in the processing of a Mexican visa is according to the specific embassy from where the applicant is applying.

A few of the embassies  take about two days to process your visa. On the other hand, others may take up to four weeks. Therefore, it is sensible for Angolan nationals to fix an appointment for a Mexico visa a minimum of weeks before you intend to travel. It is essential to apply for a Mexico visa at a Mexican embassy in Angola (or in a country where you are present). Here is how the application process works:

  1. Connect with the nearest Mexico embassy to set up an appointment
  2. Fill the Mexico Visa Application Form
  3. Gather the crucial documents
  4. Upload the application and pay the fee

It is important that the website of the Mexico embassy is routinely checked for any updates. It is advised to get in touch with them to be aware of how long processing will take. The reason for this is that not all embassies work at the same speed. They will also inform you on what will be needed to complete your application. May that be a valid passport, employment details, etc. This will also depend on the type of visa desired. A few of the embassies suggest that you schedule your appointment at least four weeks before your trip.

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