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Mexico Visa for Andorran Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
There is no doubt that Mexico is a favorite for travelers from all parts of the globe. Andorran tourists can also expect a wonderful time in this South American destination that welcomes visitors and vacationers all the year-round. Tourists have endless opportunities to enjoy everything that this country has to offer.
However, first, they have to obtain a Mexico Tourist Card, apart from the tourist visa. Obtaining a Card can be easy if you apply for it online. However, to acquire a tourist visa, you will have to visit or contact the Mexico embassy to apply for it. Note that the Tourist Card is not a replacement for the visa, as many people think.

As a citizen of Andorra, you will need a visa as well as a Tourist Card to enter Mexico by air or land. You can easily apply for a Card online once you are mentally and financially prepared for your trip to the country. Once processed, it will be sent to your email address. Applying for the Card online would be ideal as many airlines don't offer this facility during flights these days.  

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Applying for a Tourist Card Online 

The process of obtaining a Mexico Tourist Card online is fast and convenient. However, you are required to complete all the formalities associated with the process and they are given below: 

  1. Andorrans planning for a Mexican vacation are required to fill out the Card application form accurately

  2. You don’t have to upload any documents when applying for it online. However, you will need a valid passport to complete the application process.

  3. Once processed, you will receive it at the email address that was shared in the application form.

You need to carry printouts of the Card during your trip. It has to be shown to the immigration officers at the Mexican airport. 

Important Instructions for Andorran Tourists 

Travelers with a Tourist Card can visit the country for the purpose of tourism. They are not permitted to join any company or engage in any profession during their stay. Andorrans will have to carry printouts of both sides of the Card during their trip to Mexico. Flight details including flight ticket and flight numbers should be mentioned in the application form.
Tourist Card Sample

Documents Required During Application of Mexico Tourist Card

Applicants won’t have to upload any documents at the time of the online application of the Card. However, they will have to keep certain documents handy during the application process. The necessary documents are:

  1. An Andorran passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the journey date.

  2. Documents with flight details related to the Mexican trip.

Documents Required Upon Arrival in Mexico

Andorrans will have to carry their Tourist Card and a visa when they go to Mexico for a long or short vacation. They will also need a valid passport that was used during the Card application. These travel documents would be checked by the immigration officials when they arrive in Mexico.

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