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Electronic Travel Authorization for Brazil | Mexico Entry

Mexico has been a favorite destination for travelers from across the world who come to the country to explore its beaches, ancient ruins and modern cities.

Citizens of Brazil who wish to visit this country’s numerous tourism avenues can now apply for a Mexican ETA

A Mexican electronic authorization system (ETA) for Brazilian citizens is an official permission granted by the government of Mexico for legal entry. This has made traveling to Mexico much easier. 

The electronic travel authorization also known as SAE in Spanish is an online visa application system and it replaces the embassy visa.

However, a Mexican ETA functions like a visa and travelers from Brazil must get this document to legally enter and stay in the country. 

Nov 2022 - Update: The ETA (SAE) for Brazilian citizens is disabled until further notice. Brazilian nationals will need to get in touch with the nearest Mexican embassy for a regular visa.

What is the Mexican ETA for Brazilian Travelers? 

A Mexican ETA is an electronic travel authorization granted by the country’s government. It is not a regular visa, but it suffices all that a visa does. It can rather be considered as an online version of a regular visa. 

A Mexican ETA grants legal permission for short-term stays for tourism, business, transit and to attend medical emergencies. 

It does not allow travelers to engage in gainful business activities or paid employment. 

Applying for a Mexican ETA 

The application process is completely online. Applicants from Brazil should complete the application form online.

They can also make payments online.

Applicants do not need to upload any documents. 

Documents Required 

International travelers who are applying for a Mexican ETA/ SAE are not required to upload any document. They can travel to the country only with their passports.

They have to, however, complete the application form online. Through the form, they need to share their identity and travel information. 

One of the most important information to be submitted by the applicants are their electronic mail IDs. The ETA for Brazilians will be delivered to their email IDs.

They also should have a passport that is valid for at least six months. 

Validity of a Mexican ETA for Brazil 

A Mexican electronic travel authorization allows foreigners a single entry to the country.

They can also stay for a maximum of 180 days.

However, immigration officers stamp the maximum number of days in the visa. Foreigners can let them know their travel plans since the maximum number of permitted stay in the country is based on the sole discretion of these officials. 

Foreigner travelers must make use of the Mexican ETA within 30 days of its issuance.    

Mexican ETA fee varies from embassy to embassy and mission to mission. 

Note that Brazilians who are in the possession of a Mexican ETA can travel to Mexico only by air. 

Similarities between Mexico and Brazil

Mexico and Brazil are two of the socially, economically and politically influential countries in Latin America.

Two of the emerging economies in the region, these nations also share strong bilateral trade relations. They also share the same colonial past. 

Mexico is one of the largest countries in Middle America and has one of the largest populations in the region.

Likewise, Brazil is one of the largest populated countries in South America. 

Mexico has a population of around 130 million whereas Brazil has a population of over 212 million.  

Portuguese is the language that most Brazilians speak. There are many other indigenous languages too. However, Portuguese is considered as the first language of the country. 

Spanish is the national language of Mexico. Mexicans also speak many indigenous languages. 

Both of these countries’ first languages are influenced by their colonial past. 

How Many Brazilians Travel to Mexico?

Most of the international travelers arriving in Mexico are Americans. They constitute over 80% of the foreign travelers to Mexico.

This is followed by Canada and Colombia. While citizens of Canada, Colombia, USA, UK and Schengen states do not need a visa, travelers from Brazil need an ETA to enter Mexico. 

It is estimated that over 71 thousand travelers from Brazil visit Mexico in a year. 

Major Airlines Travel from Brazil to Mexico 

Almost all major airlines in Brazil operate direct flights to Mexico. The most preferred airlines for Brazilians to travel to Mexico are Aeromexico, Copa Airlines, Azul Brazilian airlines. 

The flights are affordable and range around US$390. 

After reaching Mexico, travelers from Brazil must show their passports at the immigration counter. After the immigration procedure, they will be allowed entry to the country. 

Does Obtaining a Mexican ETA Guarantee Entry?

Not necessarily. An ETA is a travel authorization issued by the government of Mexico. It does not guarantee entry to the country.   Travelers arriving in Mexico with an ETA have to undergo customs and immigration checks. 

Immigration staff may ask them a few questions and check their identity and travel documents. If they found something amiss, travelers may be denied entry. Also, foreigners should be aware of the restricted and prohibited items in the country. 

They may be denied entry and may be deported if they are found to be carrying such items. 

If immigration staff may refuse entry to a foreigner if he/she is considered a threat to the country’s security. 

Can Brazilians Extend Their Stay in Mexico?

Travelers arriving in Mexico on an electronic travel authorization can stay up to six months in the country. If they want to extend their stay, they can apply for an extension at the National Institute of Migration. 

They have to appear in person at the INM office and submit their passport and other documents. 

International travelers have to provide documents to prove that they have enough money to support themselves during the extended period of stay. Foreigner tourists cannot engage in paid employment or other gainful activities in the country. 

If the officials will verify the documents and will extend the permitted stay period. 

Overstaying in the visa/ETA validity period is illegal. Foreigners who overstay in the country may have to pay heavy fines. They may also face other legal actions and deportation. 

How Many Times a Mexican ETA Can be Used?

A Mexican ETA for Brazilians can be used only for a single visit.

The Mexican ETA does not permit multiple entries to the country. Travelers from eligible countries will have to apply for a new ETA to re-enter the country.  
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