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Guadalajara International Airport Guide

You need to understand the processes involved at Guadalajara International Airport (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (GDL)) for a quick clearance to your next destination.

Some of the information you need to master include the terminals and how to move between them, available facilities, transportation options, what to expect on arrival, and what kind of services are available.

Sure, the airport has maps and signs to guide you through different needs and processes, but you need this backup information to avoid confusion. Besides, it may be hard to locate these signs as the airport may be crowded depending on your travel time or season.

The situation could worsen when you're required to circumvent different areas of the airport, such as the ATM or currency exchange section.

The information provided in this guide could come in handy when you want to navigate the Guadalajara International Airport to make your immigration process and trip flawless.

Note: The FMM Card for Mexico has been terminated for all arrivals at Guadalajara Int. Its only needed if entering Mexico via land.

How Many Terminals Are There at Guadalajara International Airport?

It is crucial to understand your terminal when booking your airport transfer. Guadalajara International Airport has two terminals. Terminal one (T1) handles domestic and international flights while terminal two (T2) receives domestic/regional arrivals mainly through VivaAerobus airline and Aeroméxico Connect flights.

However, having your flight number is enough as the airport professionals know from what terminal to pick you up.

Popular airlines flying to these terminals include Alaska, American, American Eagle, Copa, Delta, Interjet, Magnicharters, TAR, United, and Volaris.

Additionally, all the terminals have relaxation, recreation, and information facilities to address any need or concern you may have as you await clearance at Guadalajara International Airport.

Are There Information Kiosks at Guadalajara International Airport?

If you are already at the Guadalajara International Airport, you may be on either of its two terminals. You can learn a few things about the facility and the services immediately through the telephone information service (+52 33 3688 5120).

If you are within the terminal buildings, seek information from your airline's help desk. You can also seek a hotel booking service at the tourist information desk in the Arrivals Hall.

Terminal 1 handles domestic and international arrivals making it the busiest terminal at Guadalajara International Airport. There are information counters for each airline.

Terminal 2 serves only domestic/regional arrivals from VivaAerobus airline and Aeroméxico Connect flights. Each of these airlines has its information desks at the terminal.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Guadalajara International Airport?

On arrival, you will head to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, depending on your flight type and airline. Both terminals have spacious waiting areas, restrooms, eateries, information desks, and baggage claim areas. Other services that you can also find in all the terminals include public phones, car rental agencies, and free internet and Wi-Fi stations.

At Terminal 1

  • There are five concourses (A-E) for domestic and international flights.
  • Concourse A has the Airside Walk-up gates A1 to A8
  • Concourse B has 4 jetway gates labeled B10 to B13
  • Concourse C is located at the lower level and has 10 bus gates labeled C20 to C29
  • Concourse D has 9 jetway gates labeled D30-D38
  • Concourse E at the lower level has 11 bus gates labeled E40 -E50.

At Terminal 2

  • There are services for VivaAerobus airline and Aeroméxico Connect flights only.

How to Move Between Terminals at Guadalajara International Airport?

Transfers from terminal one to terminal two are pretty easy as the two are a short walk away from each other.

The arrival is just next to departures, separated by unlocked gates that you can use to pass through without issues. Essentially, the dividing area seeks to ward off unauthorized taxis from arrivals.

Is There Currency Exchange Available at Guadalajara International Airport?

There are currency exchange services in Terminal 1 of Guadalajara International Airport. These services are provided at gate 9 of the domestic flights' section and gate 7 of the international flights' section. The services are provided by Globo Cambio and CI Banco.

Are There ATMs Available at Guadalajara International Airport?

ATMs are a convenient way to obtain local currency if you don't like to travel with loads of cash. However, it is vital to check the transaction fee with your card issuer. The ATM cash machines are found at the Domestic Arrivals of T1 and pre-security section in the same terminal at Guadalajara International Airport. ATM service providers include

  • HSBC
  • Santander
  • Banamex
  • Scotiabank Inverlat
  • BBVA Bancomer

You may want to inform your card issuer about the cities you'll be visiting to avoid card blockade as a result of out-of-the-ordinary transactions such as withdrawing money in different countries within days. Having your bank account all the time may help resolve such issues swiftly.

What Type of Facilities Are Available for People with Disabilities or Special Needs?

For people with disabilities or special needs, the Guadalajara International Airport provides a variety of support and accessibility services. This allows you to make your trip without any worries about extensive discomfort.

This covers the following facilities at the GDL.

  • Restrooms
  • Wheelchair access
  • Personal assistance
  • Luggage assistance 

In order to avail in-flight assistance or wheelchair accessibility services, you can call your airline. To avoid any unavailability issues, you should reserve your spot a few days before your flight.

What Are the Transportation Options for City Travel Through the Guadalajara International Airport? 

There are multiple transportation options for city travel that are available at the Guadalajara International Airport. These solutions can be found and booked directly from the arrivals terminal at GDL.

This covers the following transportation options. 

  • Bus services. You can find different bus services that have regular routes across the Guadalajara International Airport. By boarding one of these buses, you can travel to Guadalajara’s historic center as well as other destinations. 

  • Taxi. There are various taxi services that operate near GDL. This provides you with a moderate budget option to get to the city center or reach your accommodations.

  • Private Cars. These services let you hire private cars for your travels. This is a more luxurious option that is suitable for those who don’t want to compromise on their comfort at any step.

Whether this is your first visit to the Guadalajara International Airport or not, it is advisable to pre-book your transportation before your arrival to avoid long waits at the airport.

Be sure to check updates from the Guadalajara International Airports website for an enjoyable experience. 

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