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How to Enter Mexico Without a Visa

Travelers from some countries do not need a visa in order to enter Mexico. Visitors who qualify for this program only need a few simple things in order to visit the country.

Entering Mexico without a visa is reserved for tourists and for people doing certain business tasks (that do not involve making money) in Mexico. They can stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Note that it is up to each traveler to ensure that they have the necessary documents to enter Mexico before they visit the country. The rules surrounding visas can be complex, and travelers need to resolve any issues before they take their trip.

Here’s what travelers who don’t need a visa should know about entering Mexico.

The Mexico Travel Card (FMM)

Travelers entering Mexico without a visa will still need to have a Mexico Tourist Card before they can enter the country for land.

Visitors can apply for this document online, then print out a copy to show to Mexican officials at the border.

Getting the FMM is easy and fast, and it allows Mexican officials to know who is in the country even if they do not have to have a visa to enter. It also gives them contact information for travelers, in case they need to be reached during an emergency.

See a full guide on how to get the Tourist Card here.

Other Entry Requirements

Travelers planning to enter Mexico without a visa need to meet a few requirements.

They must carry a valid passport or passport card from their country of origin. This document needs to be valid for at least 180 days beyond their arrival date. 

Mexican officials may also ask travelers to provide proof of their plans to leave Mexico. They will need to present an airplane ticket or other dated ticket showing that they plan to leave before their 180 days expires. 

Some travelers may also be asked to demonstrate proof of having sufficient funds to cover their trip to Mexico. This can take the form of bank statements or other statements demonstrating their income and/or savings.

People entering Mexico without a visa are not allowed to bring banned items with them. These include drugs and narcotics, guns (or other firearms) and/or ammunition, electronic cigarettes, live fish, any animal deemed a predator, and other items that are subject to change.

Travelers entering Mexico without a visa still need to go through Customs and Immigration upon arrival in the country.

They need to answer any and all questions posed to them by these officials. They also need to follow the rules in line at these stations, such as refraining from taking photographs or videos.

Some Travelers Need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Travelers from Russia, Turkey, and the Ukraine will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Mexico before they travel.

They can apply for the Mexico ETA online and will receive notice when it is approved.

Travelers getting the ETA will need to fill out an application, following all of the relevant directions. They will also need to submit an application fee before their application will be considered.

Once the application is submitted, they should wait until they receive notice that it has been approved before they travel to Mexico.

Visit Mexico Soon

Travelers who do not need a visa should find it easy to enter Mexico and enjoy everything it has to offer. They can travel soon and have a wonderful time in Mexico!

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