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Cancun International Airport Guide

If you are catching a flight to Cancun International airport (CUN), you need to understand the processes involved once you arrive for a quick clearance to your next destination.

Note: Starting Sep, 2022, the Mexico Tourist Card will no longer be needed for those arriving at Quintana Roo Cancun Int. Airport.

Some of the information you need to master include the terminals and how to move between them, available facilities, transportation options, and what to expect on arrival.

Sure, the airport has maps and signs to guide you through different needs and processes, but you need this backup information to avoid confusion. Besides, it may be hard to locate these signs as the airport may be crowded depending on your travel time or season.

The situation could worsen when you're required to circumvent different layouts of the airport, such as the ATM or currency exchange section.

The information provided in this guide could come in handy when you want to navigate the Cancun International Airport to make your immigration process and trip flawless.

Keep in mind there may be some sort of a health screening upon arrival. This all depends if there is a health mandate that has been issued.

How Many Terminals Are There at Mexico City International Airport?

Cancun International Airport has four terminals (1,2,3,4), but you will likely be arriving at either terminal 2,3 or 4 since terminal 1 handles charter flights. It is crucial to understand your terminal when booking your airport transfer.

However, having your flight number is enough as the airport professionals know what terminal to pick you up from.

In addition to charter flights, terminal 1 serves two low-cost local airlines: the VivaAerobus and the Magnicharters.

Other domestic or national flights to Cancun International Airport will arrive at terminal 2. Terminals 3 and 4 mainly deal with international flights from the US, Europe, South America. Popular airlines flying to these terminals include Lufthansa, Air France, Condor, Virgin Atlanta, and Emirates.

You can travel between the different terminals through the free shuttle running every 10 minutes. Additionally, all the terminals have relaxation, recreation, and information facilities to address any need or concern you may have as you await clearance at Cancun International Airport.

It is worth noting that the terminal that flights use can change, so be sure to confirm with your airline app or boarding pass for the most up-to-date information.

Are There Information Kiosks at Mexico City International Airport?

If you are already at the Cancun International Airport, you may be on either of its three terminals. You can learn a few things about the facility and the services immediately through the information points on every terminal.

All the terminals have information desks in their respective arrival areas and are located in open spaces to help you find them easily.

Terminal 2 handles domestic and international arrivals making it the busiest at Cancun International Airport. It has two information desks for domestic and international arrivals.

The information desk for domestic arrivals is available at the gate on the left side of the terminal. Contrastingly, desks for international arrivals are available at the entrance on the right side of the terminal.

Terminal 3 of Cancun International Airport has information desks at different spots near gates C4 to C26.

Terminal 4 has information desks near all the entry points.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Mexico City International Airport?

If you are an international traveler, your airline may lead you into either terminal 2, 3 or 4. Nevertheless, all terminals provide you with spacious waiting areas, restrooms, eateries, information desks, and baggage claim areas. Other services that you can also find in all the terminals include public phones, car rental agencies, and free internet and Wi-Fi stations.

At Terminal 2

  • There are two arrival gates sorted by the type of flight (domestic/International). For domestic arrivals, you will walk into the left side of the terminals. 

  • For International arrivals, you will walk into the right side of the terminal.

  • The terminal's main building has 22 exits marked B1-B22, which domestic and international travelers can use.

At Terminal 3

  • There are international flights, mainly from North America and Europe.

  • The terminal has 22 gates labeled C4- C26.

  • There are services for passengers in boarding and documentation areas.

  • You will find Migration and Custom facilities.

At Terminal 4

  • There is a mix of domestic and international arrivals from Mexico’s Aeromexico flights and internationals from the US, Europe, South America, and Canada.

  • You enjoy all services offered in other terminals such as retail stores and restrooms.

How to Move Between Terminals at Mexico City International Airport?

If you want to move from one terminal to another, you can use the Cancun airport shuttle as the distance between terminals is extensive that you can't walk. The transportation shuttle bus services between terminals run punctually every 10 minutes and are completely free.

The shuttles will drop you off in departures of the destination terminal, but the arrival is just next to departures, separated by unlocked gates where you can pass through without issues. Essentially, the dividing area seeks to ward off unauthorized taxis from arrivals.

Is There Currency Exchange Available at Mexico City International Airport?

Cancun International Airport offers currency exchange rates on all arrival areas. Terminal two has only Banco Santander as the only service provider. In terminals three and four, the currency exchange service is operated by CIBacno bank.

Are There ATMs Available at Mexico City International Airport?

ATMs are a convenient way to obtain local currency if you don't like to travel with loads of cash. However, it is vital to check the transaction fee with your card issuer. The ATMs share the same section at Cancun International Airport. ATM service providers at terminal two include

  • Citi Banamex (Mexican Pesos),
  • Santander (Mexican Pesos), and
  • Multiva (USD).

ATM service providers at terminal three include

  • Bansi (USD),
  • Multiva (USD), and
  • Banco Santander (Mexican Pesos).

ATM service providers at terminal four include

  • Intercam (USD),
  • Multiva (USD), and
  • Citi Banamex (Mexican Pesos).

You may want to inform your card issuer about the cities you'll be visiting to avoid card blockade as a result of out-of-the-ordinary transactions such as withdrawing money in different countries within days. Having your bank account all the time may help resolve such issues swiftly.

What Type of Facilities Are Available for People With Disabilities or Special Needs?

Those with disabilities or special needs can avail a set of helpful facilities across the Cancun International Airport. This ensures comfortable travels in the face of long wait times, flight delays, and airport transfers. 

This includes accessibility services such as the following. 

  • Wheelchairs
  • Restrooms
  • Airport shuttle
  • Lockers

Most of these services including wheelchairs, accessible restrooms, and terminal shuttles are provided free of charge. When it comes to lockers, you need to pay a certain fee for this solution. 

What Are the Transportation Options for City Travel Through the Cancun International Airport?

There are several transportation options available for passengers of the Cancun International Airport.

These solutions include but are not limited to the following. 

Bus services. The service operates regularly at the airport, taking you to Cancun downtown and other destinations. Every terminal has a bus station outside the building, running from 06:00 to midnight. The bus may not head directly to your destination as they have designated bus stops.

Taxi. In case you want a more convenient option that does not break the bank, you can look into taxi services at the airport’s arrival section. These solutions can get you to your destination within the city without requiring any pre-booking.

Private Cars. These services give you the option to choose from a variety of mid-range to high-end car models. As a result, you can travel to your city destination with luxury. You can also book these cars for multiple days.

While visiting Cancun International Airport, being aware of these details helps you find the exact facilities that you need without wasting your precious time. This also ensures that you have a comfortable experience while making your way through the facility.

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