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Explaining the Self Declaration Form | Update: Terminated

Update: Italy's Self Declaration form is no longer needed. Information below is for when the form was required.

Visitors to Italy must fill out a Self Declaration Form in order to enter the country. This form allows Italian officials to know who is in their country at all times. It also gives them key information that should help them control the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy to protect both citizens and visitors.

The Italy Health Form is easy to fill out and should only take a few minutes. Once filled out, travelers will need to present the form when they enter Italy.

What is the Italy Self Declaration Form?

The Italy Self Declaration Form gives the Italian health officials the information they need to track and control the spread of COVID-19 in their country. It allows them to know who is coming into Italy, where they came from, and where they have traveled within the last 14 days.

All of this information allows the government to determine who can enter Italy, who needs to quarantine first, and who cannot enter the country at all. Note that this is based on where a traveler has been and not on who they are, what they look like, or any other personal information.

In addition to telling health officials where a person has been, thet self-declaration to enter Italy asks for information about a traveler's COVID-19 status. It requires them to certify that they have not tested positive for the virus.

If they have tested positive, it requires them to certify that they met or exceeded all quarantine and testing protocols in the country where they contracted the illness, whether that is their home country or one that they were visiting when they got sick.

The form also requests information about why a person is visiting Italy. The country is currently only allowing visitors to enter for certain reasons. If the reason given is not one of those, the traveler will not be permitted in the country even if they do not have COVID-19.

Finally, the form asks for information about where a person will be quarantining, if that will be required of them. It requests the location where the quarantine will take place as well as phone numbers that can be used to contact the person over the entire 14 days of their quarantine.

How This Measure Is Helping Italy

This information allows health officials to check on people who are supposed to be in self-isolation, both to determine whether they are still COVID-19 free and to make sure they are abiding by the rules of that quarantine.

Taken all together, this information helps Italian officials to keep their citizens safe and to make sure that people coming into the country do not spread COVID-19 or contract it while they are in Italy.

Who Should Fill Out the Italy Health Form?

Every individual traveler who is entering Italy needs to fill out their own Italy Self Declaration. This allows the government to have key data on each individual.

Note that this means that every member of a family, even if they are all traveling together, will need to fill out their own form. Parents can fill out forms for their children and guardians can fill them out for those who cannot fill them out on their own.

This may seem like overkill, but the truth is that some members of a family may have contracted COVID-19 and fulfilled protocols while others may not have contracted it at all. In addition, some may have slightly different COVID-19 testing information than others, even if they were all tested at the same time.

For these reasons, every individual needs their own form. This gives the Italian government the most accurate data possible, which allows them to do their job better and protect everyone from further COVID-19 exposure.

Is the Self-Declaration to Enter Italy Required?

The Self-Declaration is required, EXCEPT for those travelers entering Italy from San Marino or Vatican City. All other travelers, without an exception, will need to fill out this form before they can enter the country.

However, in many cases, the Italy Self Declaration Form will not be the only piece of documentation required to enter Italy.

What Do Travelers Need to Enter Italy?

In addition to the Health Form, travelers entering Italy will need the following items.

A valid passport. The passport needs to list their personal information accurately and should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the day of their entry into Italy. This ensures that they have a valid passport even if their plans change or something else happens.

The correct permissions to enter Italy. Some travelers will need to get a visa before traveling to Italy, while others will be required to have other travel documentation. The documentation required is based on the traveler's country of origin and can change at any time. Visitors should check to find out what they need well ahead of their travel to Italy, as many of these documents cannot be issued upon arrival at a port or airport.

Proof of documentation or negative COVID-19 test. These requirements are updated regularly as the situation around the world is changing rapidly. Travelers are responsible to do their own research to make sure they have the correct documentation before they try to enter the country.

Note that Italy will soon be accepting the EU Digital COVID Certificate. This document will be available for residents of EU countries and will certify that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19, recovered from COVID-19, or recently tested negative for COVID-19. These documents will soon be accepted in all EU countries and will allow for free movement both between countries and within any particular country. Use of these is developing and the situation may change rapidly.

How to Fill Out the Italy Self Declaration Form

Travelers can either print out the Health Form before they leave and fill it out prior to departure or during their trip, or they can pick one up at the port or airport upon arrival in Italy. Either way, travelers simply need to read through the form and follow the directions included on the paper.

They will need a few pieces of data to successfully fill out the form. This includes information about their previous travels (including stopovers or layovers), information about recent COVID vaccines or negative tests, and information about where they will quarantine, if that is necessary based on their country of origin and previous travel.

If travelers do not have this data to hand, it will be hard to fill out the form at the airport. For that reason, it is recommended that they complete the form ahead of time so they don't have to worry about problems or delays when they are trying to get through Immigration.


Known COVID Status

Travelers will need to certify that they have not had COVID-19. If they have had it, they will need to certify that they followed the isolation protocol in the country they were in when they came down with the virus. If necessary, they will also need to provide details of a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Past Travel History

Travelers will be asked to list any locations where they have either traveled or transited over the past 14 days. Note that this includes any airport stopovers or layovers, as well as ports of call where they did not get off their boat. They will also need to list how they are entering Italy.

Reason For Entering Italy

Travelers must give a valid reason for entering Italy. Valid reasons vary. Tourism is opening up slowly, as more and more people around the world get vaccinated. Some business travel or travel for family emergencies is also allowed. These rules change regularly and travelers will need to check before they leave.

Contact Information

Travelers required to quarantine will need to list where they plan to complete their quarantine. Health officials may check on them to be sure they are taking it seriously. They will also need to note phone numbers where health officials will be able to reach them while they are quarantining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs an Italy Health Form?

Every traveler, except those coming from San Marino and Vatican City, needs to fill out an Italy Health Declaration before entering the country.

Does every individual need their own self-declaration to enter Italy?

Yes. Even if travelers are coming with their family, every member will need their own self-declaration form to enter the country.

How much does the Italy Health Declaration cost?

The health declaration for Italy is free. However, there is a processing fee that is applied by natvisa.com.

Do travelers still need a visa to enter Italy?

The Italy Self Declaration Form is not a visa and cannot act as one. It is needed in addition to a visa or other documentation required to enter Italy.

How long does it take to fill out the Italy Health Form?

It only takes most travelers about 10 minutes to fill out an Italy Health Form. Keep in mind that parents must also take time to fill one out for each child they travel with.

What is required to fill out the self declaration to enter Italy?

Travelers will need to know their COVID-19 status, have information about a recent COVID-19 test or vaccine, and be able to note where they are quarantining if that is required of them.

Can travelers get the Italy Health Declaration at the airport?

Yes. Travelers who do not get an Italy Health Form before they leave can grab one at the airport. However, this may mean that it takes them longer to enter the country.

Do travelers need to be vaccinated to enter Italy?

Italy does not require vaccines to enter the country. However, they are beginning to allow more free travel for vaccinated persons from around the world.

Who needs to quarantine upon arrival in Italy?

These rules are updated continuously. Travelers will need to check before they travel to see if they will need to quarantine in Italy.

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