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India Visa for Venezuelan Citizens

Visit India by Land or Cruise

Earlier, just the thought of getting an India visa used to tire out most of the travel aspirants. Since the government has started and applied the online visa process, you can now get this travel document from wherever you are without having to move out.
All you need is a computer with an internet connection to get an Indian visa. No more standing in queues, or surrendering of passport, or contending with stacks of paperwork.
Citizens from Venezuela just need to submit an online application for an India visa, choose their travel dates and get ready to explore this country of exotic culture, welcoming people, palatable cuisine and a lot more.

Necessary Paperwork to Process the Online India Visa

To begin with, it is a smart idea to have a list of documents that you must have in hand prior to applying for the India visa. This will help you know whether you have collected all the papers or there are some that you still need.

This is important because if any of the papers asked for are not with you, it may result in the cancelation of your visa application. Following are the documents you need for the successful completion of this step:

  • One of the principal documents inevitable for Venezuelans applying for the India visa is their valid passport. This must be valid for not less than 6 months since you arrive in India and it must have at least two blank pages for stamping purpose.

  • Clear scans of the passport’s personal details page with the applicant’s photograph on it.

  • A separate passport size photograph must also be attached.

  • Your complete travel schedule, when in India, such as the date and time when you arrive and leave from the country.

  • A valid credit card to be used for remittance of the visa fee.

After collating and scanning all these, you may go ahead and apply for the visa.

Steps to get an India eVisa

The Online Process India Visa for Venezuelan Citizens

To begin with, the visa application form needs to be filled with the appropriate information. Even the form is available online and you do not have to venture out to get it. Every query must be answered leaving no blank spaces.

Check for the accuracy of the information filled in before submission of the form. Once done, you may upload all the scanned documents plus your visa application form. Thereafter, you may pay the visa fee. This concludes your process of applying for the India visa.

Post-submission Process of the Visa Application

After the citizens from Venezuela have successfully submitted their application form for the Indian visa, they will receive a reference number. The purpose of this reference number is to verify the status of the visa.

Within just 1 to 4 business days, applicants receive the approved visa on their emails. They may download the document and take print of it. Having this visa opens the doors to their travel to India.

India eVisa Sample

Things to do on Reaching India

After they arrive in India, travelers are required to show certain documents to the Indian immigration authorities at the airport. If there is any problem with the documents or one or more of these are unavailable, the authorities can stop you from entering the country. These documents need to be produced.

  • The passport put to use in the visa application process.

  • Your travel schedule, which includes the entry and possible exit information from the country.

  • Proof of funds that can validate that you will be able to manage your expense, when in the country or proof of a person who will be supporting your stay in India

  • Printout of the endorsed visa to India
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