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India Visa for Seychellois Citizens

Visit India by Land or Cruise

Tourists around the world have always been charmed by India’s stunning cultural and historic sites. If you are a Seychellois citizen and have been nursing the desire to take a flight to this country of countless tourist attractions, this is the time to go for it.
The toughest part of getting an India visa is now the easiest one. Even for citizens from Seychelles, the eVisa system does not demand the applicants to endure the wearisome process of reserving an appointment with an embassy.
The online process suffices to apply for this travel document and once done, travel aspirants are free to plan their vacation in this country. India has hordes of holiday-makers from other countries throughout the year, keen to explore the country’s wealth of panoramic terrain, wildlife and festivities.

Going through the Online Process of India Visa for citizens from Seychelles

The steps involved in the online process of acquiring an India visa have been made very clear and straightforward. The process comprises uploading the application form in addition to the scans of the important documents and paying the visa fee.

Since the entire process is done through the internet, even the visa application form is available online. You must fill it with your details as asked for in the form and upload it. Bear in mind that no information must be left unfilled. This can cause the application form to be turned down.

Steps to get an India eVisa

Essential Paperwork for an India Visa

The essential documents that Seychellois citizens require are:

  • A passport that is valid for 6 months as a minimum, after the date on which you reach the territory of India. Ensure that the passport has two blank pages for stamping.

  • Scanned copies of your passport’s personal information with your photograph on it.

  • A couple of your passport size photographs, in adherence with the government guidelines.

  • You are also required to mention your travel programme in India, including your flight ticket information concerning your entrance and exit from the country.

In continuation with the online process, your visa fee payment will require you to have a valid credit card.

The Course of Action after Document Submission

After submission of the necessary documents, citizens from Seychelles are closer to getting an Indian visa. Following the upload of the visa application form along with the necessary documents, you will get a reference number.

This number can be used to check the status of your visa. The next step is to pay the visa fee. Successful payment concludes your application process for an Indian visa. Thereafter, your application goes through the official processing and if everything works out, you will get your approved visa on your mail in 4 business days. You need to take a printout of your visa and keep it with you.

India eVisa Sample

Series of Steps after Entering India

Once you have landed in India, you must comply with a certain routine procedure. This consists of presenting certain documents to the immigration officials at the airport. You must provide your approved visa along with your valid passport. The passport must be the one that was used to apply for the India visa.

All travelers need to show a proof of having funds sufficient to support their stay in India. They can also show the same of another person who may be sponsoring their stay in the country. All visitors must have with them detailed information related to their travel within and arrival and departure from India.

Once the immigration officials check and clear your documents, you can enter India and enjoy your stay.

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