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India Visa for Samoan Citizens

India eVisa
India is much more than a paradise on earth, and that’s what most tourists have to say when they arrive in this country. Rich in natural beauty, India has all the attractions to make your holiday experience truly blissful.

You just have to acquire the India visa for Samoan citizens on time so that you are well prepared for the trip to India. Applying for an eVisa or online visa can be the best bet if you are too busy in your daily routine.

An Indian visa can be easily obtained through an eVisa application. The processing time for an eVisa is much shorter as compared to that of a traditional visa application. You will save a lot of time as you won’t have to visit the embassy and do the paperwork offline.

Just ensure that your eVisa application form is accurate so that it is not rejected. You will possibly receive an email regarding the visa approval within four business days.

Tips to Apply for an India Visa

Obtaining an India visa for Samoan citizens is simple and easy these days because it can be applied online. The processing time is reduced to a great extent if you go for an eVisa. The saved time can be used for other activities like packing your travel bags, collecting the necessary medicines, etc.

You just have to complete various formalities online and wait for the approved visa. Make sure that the online application form is accurately filled and submitted along with the required documents.

India Visa Steps
Applying for an India Visa for Samoan Citizens

If you are planning for an Indian vacation, you don’t have to wait for long. Start applying for the visa online from your home or wherever you are currently placed.

A trip to India is worth the investment because there are innumerable things to do and see in this beautiful country.

Just ensure that the visa application form is error-free since the visa may get rejected due to inaccuracies or errors. The personal details shared in the online application form should match with those in your passport.  

Documents Submission while Applying for an India Visa

When applying for an eVisa or online India visa, you are required to submit scanned copies of various documents apart from the application form. The documents you will have to share include:

The Samoan passport that is valid for a minimum of six months from the journey date.  

Soft copies of some pages of your passport that contain personal details. The passport should have at least two blank pages. Few passport size photographs also need to be submitted.

Documents with details of your travel plans in India and the return journey date to Samoa.
A valid credit card for paying the visa fee.

Once your visa is processed and approved, it will be sent to your email ID. You will have to carry printouts of the approved visa during the trip and show it to the immigration officials when you arrive in India.  

India eVisa Sample
Documents Required for Entering India

You will have to carry certain documents during your flight to India. They should be shown to the immigration officials at the airport. The documents you need to present are:

Your approved Indian visa.

Your passport that was used at the time of visa application.  

Documents that suggest that you have the funds to meet various expenses during your Indian vacation.  

Documents with details of your travel plans in India. Your departure date from India should also be mentioned in the documents.
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