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India Visa for Pakistani Citizens

People from Pakistan have many legitimate reasons to enter India. They may have family or friends there, their business interests may lead them there, or they may just want to see everything has to offer.

However, because of past tensions between the countries, it can be difficult for Pakistani citizens to get a visa to India.

While India has opened up the eVisa process for citizens from many countries, Pakistani citizens cannot get an India visa this way. They must go through a much longer process to get their India visa for Pakistani citizens.

This goes for anyone whose parents are Pakistani citizens, who hold dual citizenship that includes PK, or who are foreign passport holders of Pakistani origin.

How to Apply for an India Visa for Pakistani Citizens 

While the process of getting an India visa can take up to 35-40 days for citizens of Pakistan, it is not too difficult. Here's what applicants need to do:

  • Obtain all of the necessary documents from India. The type of documentation required varies based on the visa being applied for. Pakistani citizens cannot get a tourist visa to India though they may come in on a Visitor Visa or one of the numerous other types.

  • Fill out the online application form. They will need to print off two copies, sign both, and attach a photo of themselves to each form.

  • Submit the application along with their passport from Pakistan and their India visa application fee.

  • Wait until the clearance is issued. This may take up to 40 days. India may call citizens of PK in for an interview to determine whether or not they will be issued a visa. Citizens will be notified when their visa has been issued and will receive their passport back, too. They will need to use this identical passport when entering India.

  • All visa applications will be sent to several government offices for clearance. This is why it takes so long to get the visa approved.

Rules Surrounding the India Visa for Pakistani Citizens 

Because of past tensions between the countries, people of Pakistani origin will need to know about the following guidelines when applying for a visa to India.

  • Pakistani citizens will normally only be allowed to visit a maximum of 5 cities in India per trip.

  • Pakistani citizens will have to register with the nearest police station within 24 hours of arriving in each city and will have to notify the same station within 24 hours before they depart from that city.

  • Every approved Pakistani visa to India will come with two immigration sheets. Travelers are required to carry these while in India and to show them upon entry into the country and exiting from it.

Travelers from Pakistan should not let these rules keep them from trying to visit India. After all, many Pakistani citizens have no problem getting a visa and they love traveling and seeing India's beauty. If they go through the process correctly, they stand a great chance of being able to make their travel dreams come true.

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