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India Visa for Dominican Republic Citizens

Visit India by Land or Cruise

Incredible India is probably the first pick for tourists around the world when it comes to travel destinations. The country has an abundance of rich offerings in the form of tourism, food, culture and scenic landscape motivating travelers to come to India.
Citizens of the Dominican Republic are among the travel lovers who are enthusiastic about exploring India. Earlier, a large number of travel enthusiasts were accustomed to delay their travels under the impression that getting an Indian visa for Dominican Republic citizens may involve a lot of complications and it was actually right to a certain degree.
Nevertheless, the entire procedure of applying for the visa has been completely revamped and now those who are keen to travel to India can get their visa without having to leave their homes.

Steps to get an India eVisa

What are the Steps for Getting an India Visa for Dominican Republic Citizens

Contrary to the normal process involved in the application for a visa in which people were required to go to an embassy, schedule an appointment and contending with a series of complicated procedures, the online application process is of a mere 30-minute duration.

Once the submission of the visa form happens together with the essential paperwork, the applicants will probably get their certified visa in 1 to 4 working days.

The steps involved in the successful application of the India visa for Dominican Republic citizens:

  • To begin with, applicants must essentially download the application form from the government website. After downloading it, they must populate it with precise information.

  • Following this, applicants are toscan all the essential papers that are to be attached along with the application form. These papers are:
    1. A Dominican Republic passport being valid for at least 6 months since they land in India

    2. Scanned transcripts of the page that has the applicant’s particulars and the photograph on the passport. The applicant’s passport size photo.

    3. Elaborate schedule of the travel and exit from India

The visa fee is payable via a credit card.

Applicants must adhere to all the guidelines and directives with utmost care while submitting the application form and documents. Once the submission of the form happens, the applicants are allotted a reference number.

Using this reference number, the status of the visa can be known. After receipt of their approved visa on their email id, the applicants must download it and take a print copy of it.

Once the visa is received by the applicants, they can live their dream of visiting this magnificent country.

India eVisa Sample

What to do After Reaching India

When the traveler lands in India, certain things are to be done and specific documents to be presented. Entry into the country is only permitted after completion of all these steps. Following are the credentials that must be submitted for scrutiny to the immigration officials at the airport:

  • A financial statement or proof of funds of the visitor or a person living in India who will be financially supporting the visitor in the country.

  • The same passport of the visitor that was used when applying for the India visa. For ease of stamping, the passport should contain a minimum of 2 blank pages.

  • Itinerary of the travelers including their exit information.
After the successful culmination of all these steps, the travelers are free to enter India and tour the country.
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