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Is it Worth Having a Travel Agent Get Your India Visa?

Traveling is exciting, but applying for a visa and other travel authorizations may not be fun, especially when travelers are not familiar with various processes to secure them.

This is why international travelers who are planning an India trip often search for a travel agent or agency near them. Here’s what international travelers planning an India tour need to know about travel agents. 

What Does a Travel Agent Do Exactly? 

A travel agent is a professional working in the travel industry and he/she is dedicated to helping others in making their trip easy, seamless and memorable.

They are experts in making travel plans, applying for required travel authorizations including visa and supporting documents, booking the flights and planning the stay in the foreign land. 

They work with resorts, airlines and other vendors to organize travel packages for their clients. They work in groups or as individuals. The following are some of the activities of a travel agent. 

  • They design the trip
  • Apply for a visa on behalf of the client
  • They plan the travel itinerary and reserve flights and accommodation
  • They also offer customer service and sort out the issues and problems faced by clients

Does an Agent Also Get the Visa to India?

A travel agent’s work depends on his/her field of expertise. Some of them just focus on planning their trip while others will also get the visas for them.

The agents who focus on applying for visas too may not be able to do it for all countries. However, they will be able to at least guide a traveler on the right path. Travelers who wish to visit India can just do a google search on an India travel agent near me. Usually, this will lead to a travel agent/agency that can help them apply for an Indian visa or can arrange the entire Indian trip for them. 

All travel agents/tour operators may not be able to help a traveler with visa application as they may not have the expertise. Some of these agents only create and sell tour packages to clients. 

There are some travel agents who specialize in helping a person travel from country to country. They can also advise a traveler about the documents needed for securing a country’s visa.

An agent also can help travelers find out the right visa type that suits the nature of their journey and apply for a visa on behalf of the client for a fee. 

Hundreds of visas are rejected due to various reasons every day due to incorrect documents and evidence. A travel agent can help reduce this by giving the right advice on the application process and documents. 

Benefits of Agent Getting the India Visa

A travel agent who has been helping travelers get an Indian visa knows about the documentation needed for different visas, their validity and fee.  The agent also can plan the entire trip for them.

An agent can help a traveler to opt for the right visa type based on the nature and purpose of the planned trip. India has different visas for tourism, business, medical treatment, study and employment. 

Based on the duration of the intended stay and purpose of the visa, a traveler has to choose the right visa, otherwise the application will be rejected or delayed. 

Though the Indian government has made the visa application process simpler by introducing electronic visas, international travelers can still find it a little bit cumbersome. Seeking assistance from a travel agent who is an expert in India visa can reduce the chances of visa denial or delay.

An agent can also get in touch with hotels and airlines and book their flight tickets and accommodation.

Getting the Visa, Yourself

The application process for Indian eVisas is much simpler now. Applicants who have a basic knowledge of computers and who have an internet connection can do it. 

By doing it by themselves, they will have complete control of the application.

They will just have to make a checklist of the documentation, gather all the documents and evidence needed, login to the official website, enter all the required data and click the submit button.

If everything goes well, the visa will be delivered within a few business days. Travelers choosing to apply for the Indian eVisa by themselves can avoid paying extra money for the travel agent. 

At the same time, the visa application process is time-consuming. The applicants need to upload several documents and photographs in the right dimensions and resolutions. They need to verify the information provided. They are also required to check whether the information entered was right, if the spellings were correct or whether the data matched that in the passport. 

All these can be a little bit frustrating if they are not familiar with it and the chance of making errors is very high.

A travel agent can help them avoid this as he/she would be an expert in the visa application process and would have successfully processed many visas. 

Let Natvisa Handle Your India Visa Application

Natvisa.com is an expert in processing eVisas including Indian visas. It is a commercial website striving to provide the best and uncomplicated visa services to travelers. 

Travelers opting for Natvisa.com to get their visa processed do not need to go through the government website which is often buggy. 

Natvisa.com has all the information about different Indian visa types, their purposes and the documentation needed for a specific visa type. 

Through their years of experience in the field, they have gathered information about the common errors that are committed by applicants.

The website helps applicants avoid them. It ensures a hassle-free visa application process and speedy delivery of the eVisa. This will help applicants concentrate on planning the other aspects of the trip. 

Natvisa.com not only takes complete responsibility for the visa application process, but also offers 24/7 customer care. Applicants can reach out to the agency any time they need.

The eVisa Program Allows for Easy Processing 

The Indian government grants electronic visas to citizens of a few eligible countries to visit the country for tourism, business, medical treatments and attending conferences. The government has outsourced the visa processing to VFS Global, a private agency. The eVisa program has made the entire process easy and straightforward. 

Foreign nationals can login to the official website and start entering the data.  Before starting the application, they need to gather their passport and collect all the information with regard to their flight, travel itinerary and accommodation.  

Once the application is filled out, they need to provide their contact details such as phone number and email address. They will generally receive information about the status of their visa within a few days in their email ID.   

They should carry a printed copy of the visa while traveling to India. 

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