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Explaining India's Popular 30-Day Visa

Travelers to India need to be aware of a recent change they made to their visa program. The standard tourist visa used to last for 1 year. Now it lasts for only 30 days.

While visitors to India can still apply for a 1-year visa (and 5-year visas, too!), most will find that the 30-day visa to India meets their needs.

Here's what travelers need to know about this program:

The Benefits of the 30-Day Visa Program 

There are many benefits to the 30-day visa. These include:
  • This visa works for most trips to India. Travelers who are coming to see the country don't usually stay for longer than 30 days. In fact, most trips, even those for things like yoga seminars, classes, or training, last two weeks or less. This visa offers those travelers plenty of time to visit India and get home before their visa expires.

  • The new visa offers more options and, therefore, more flexibility. Travelers can choose to apply for the visa that works best with their travel plans.

  • Even the 30-day visa offers double-entry. Travelers can enter India twice in the 30-day period that starts the day their visa issued.

  • Travelers can save money. The 30-day visa to India costs less than either the 1-year visa or the 5-year visa. Visitors will no longer be required to pay for a visa that they don't need or won't utilize to the utmost.

How to Get a 30-Day Visa to India 

Travelers will apply for the 30-day visa the same way they would apply for any other Visa to India. Since India no longer offers visas upon arrival (except under certain circumstances), every visitor will need to get their 30-day visa to India before they arrive.

They can fill out the application online. All they need to do is:
Make sure they are eligible to apply for a visa to India online.
  • Get their current passport and make sure it has at least 6 months of validity left.

  • Collect data about when, where, and how they plan to arrive in and depart from India.

  • Make sure they have a valid credit card to pay the application fee.

  • Get a photo of themselves that meets India's specifications. Most passport photos will work for this requirement, though each traveler is responsible for checking his or her own picture.
Once they've gathered everything, the application itself is easy to fill out. Each section has clear directions and travelers just need to make sure that the information they enter matches what is on their passport. Then they can pay the application fee, submit the application, and wait.

When the 30-day visa to India gets approved, they will be notified by email. At that point, they should print off the visa and make sure they carry it with them when they go to enter India.
As long as they can show this paperwork, they shouldn't have any trouble getting into the country.

Can The 30 Day Visa be Used for Medical or Business Visit? 

The 30-day Indian visa is granted only for tourism purposes like sightseeing and meeting friends and family. The Indian government insists that foreigners intending to go for medical treatments to the country or explore business opportunities should apply for separate visas. 

The government grants short-term visas for conducting business and undergoing medical treatments in India. The application can be carried out online through the official websites. 

There are three types for e-Tourists visas with different validities—for 30days, one year and five years. These visas are neither convertible nor extendable. 

How Long is This Visa Valid For? 

As the name suggests the 30-day e-Tourist visa is valid for a maximum of one month. The visa issued by the India mission will have the expiry date mentioned on it. The visa cannot be extended and foreigners who wish to explore India for more than 30 days can opt for other tourism visa types.  

How Long can I Stay in India? 

The 30-day e-Tourist visa is a double-entry visa that is valid for a maximum of 30 days. Foreign tourists arriving on this visa can stay in India consecutively for 30 days or enter the country two times to stay a maximum of 15 days per visit. 

When Does the 30 Days Start? 

The 30 days start from the day a foreign traveler enters the country. He/she can stay a maximum of 30 days in the country with this visa.

How Many Times Can I Use the 30-day India Visa? 

This Indian eVisa for tourism is a double entry visa. Foreigners are permitted to enter the country up to two times within the validity period of 30 days. 

Does the 30-Day Visa Need to be Printed? 

Yes. It is mandatory for tourists to have a printed copy of the visa. They will have to show it at the immigration counter at the port of entry. 

Can This Visa be extended? 

This visa cannot be extended, converted or clubbed with any other visa. Foreigners arriving on this visa will have to leave the country before the expiry of the validity period.    

Can I Stay in India for 15 Days?  

Yes, you can stay in India for 15 days with this visa. This visa allows you to enter the country two times within the 30-day validity period. You can stay any number of consecutive days during this period in the country. 

Can the 30-Day Visa be Used to Visit Prohibited Sites? 

Foreign nationals visiting India on an e-Tourist visa cannot visit sites that are prohibited/restricted due to security reasons. They can, however, get special permission from the India government to visit these places.  

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