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5 Year Indian Visa Available for Visitors

The Indian subcontinent, known as the land of spirituality, diversity and amazing landscapes, offers a plethora of experiences that make travel enthusiasts come back for more.  

The government of India gives different kinds of long-term visas for international tourists, businesspersons and students who wish to explore the opportunities that the country offers. Read on to know more about the long-term India visa options available for foreigners.  

What is a 5-Year Visa to India? 

The Indian government offers long-term visas for citizens of certain eligible countries for tourism, business and studies.

These are multiple entry visas and foreigners arriving on such travel authorizations can stay in India from three to six months at a time.

The legally allowed duration of stay varies based on the purpose of the visa, type of visa and the nationality of the foreigner. 

5 Year Tourist Visa

The five–year tourist visa for India is issued for the purposes of recreational activities, sightseeing, visiting friends and family in India and attending short-term yoga programs.

The validity of Indian Tourist visas differs from three months to ten years. The five-year Indian tourist visa is a multiple entry visa granted for citizens of a few eligible nations. 

Citizens of the USA, Canada and Japan arriving in India on a five-year tourist visa can continuously stay in the country for up to 180 days without registering in the nearest foreigner's registration office. However, nationals of other long-term tourist visa eligible countries can stay only up to 90 days without registering. 

Citizens of Pakistan are not eligible for a five-year India tourist visa. People of Pakistani origin will be granted a long-term visa for a maximum of three years. This is irrespective of their citizenship.  

Note that the citizens of the USA, Canada and Japan are also entitled for an Indian tourist visa valid for 10 years. This visa is issued exclusively to the citizens of these three countries and they can stay up to 180 days at a time. 

The five-year Indian tourist visa is a non-convertible and non-extendable visa type. International travelers who frequent India on this visa have to prove that they do not have any business interest or employment in the country and the gap between two such visits should be more than two months.  

Cost of 5 year tourist visa: 80.00 – 95.00 USD *

5 Year Business Visa 

The Indian government grants a five-year business visa for foreign nationals who wish to establish a business or explore opportunities to start or invest in a venture.

It is also issued to foreigners who want to sell or buy goods and services or who are visiting India to attend business conferences, meetings and seminars. Businesspersons who want to engage in pre-sales and post-sales activities can also opt for this visa type. 

The five-year business visa is also issued to foreign sportspersons who are visiting India for commercial sports events like Indian Premier League. 

Foreigners arriving on this visa cannot engage in money lending or paid employment in India. They have to provide proof of their financial standing. 

Apart from this, citizens of the USA can get a 10 year Indian visa. Same with Canada, Japan, the UK and South Africa are eligible for an exclusive 10-year visa to do business in India. They can stay up to six months at a stretch per visit. 

Foreigners of other eligible countries can get a long-term business visa that is valid for up to five years. They can stay in the country up to 180 days per visit. 

Note that foreign nationals arriving on this visa are not required to register with the foreigner’s registration offices in India for staying up to 180 days at a time. If they want to extend this, they have to register with the FRRO (Foreigner’s regional registration offices). 

Business visas issued by Indian missions for less than five years can be extended to five years. Businesspersons who make foreign direct investments (FDI) are entitled for permanent resident status in India.  

Cost of 5 year business visa:  242.56 USD *

5 Year Student Visa 

The five-year Indian student visa is granted to international students who wish to do full-time courses in a recognized Indian educational institution or participate in a short-term training program. Those coming on student exchange programs are also entitled for this visa type. 

Indian missions across the world can issue this visa type after verifying the letter of invitation provided by the applicants.  

This visa is issued for up to five years or for the duration of the course. Foreign students applying for study programs in the healthcare industry have to get a no objection certificate from the ministry of health while applying for the visa.  

The government also issues a provisional student visa valid for up to six months for students exploring admissions in various institutes or for students appearing for admission tests.  

The applicants need to provide proof of funds to support themselves during their stay in India and a formal admission letter from an Indian university.  

Cost of 5 year student visa: 102.70 USD **

5 Year Foreigners of Indian Origin 

The five-year Indian visa for people of Indian origin (PIO) is issued to foreign nationals who have previously held an Indian passport, whose parents or grandparents were citizens of India or who are married to Indian citizens. 

The visa is valid for five years and foreigners eligible for this visa should submit a proof to indicate their Indian origin or marriage certificate to get the visa.  

Benefits of Getting a India Visa for 5 Years

The five-year Indian visas are multiple entry visas that allow foreigners to visit the country for unlimited times during the validity period. 

As a developing nation, the country offers numerous opportunities in business, education, tourism and medical treatment for foreigners to explore. 

The process is mostly carried out online and the applicants do not visit an Indian consulate or embassy multiple times. This saves a lot of time and effort and they can apply for it at the comfort of their home.  

5 Year Visa vs Permanent Residency

Permanent residency or citizenship in India can be acquired only by birth and naturalization.

However, applicants who have an Indian origin can get an Indian citizenship by registration.

To apply for permanent residency in India, the applicants need to stay in the country for 11 years in the last 14 years. They also need to live in India continuously for at least 12 months before applying. 

Foreign nationals who wish to apply for an Indian permanent residency status or citizenship will have to renounce their existing citizenship as the country does not recognize dual citizenships

The five-year Indian visa is the best option for foreigners who want to stay in India for a longer duration. Citizens of eligible countries can apply online for a small fee and can keep their original passports. 

*   Cost is subject to change

** Cost can vary embassy to embassy and country to country. Service charges are also added. This is an estimate.

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