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Passenger Locator (PLF) for Greece

Update: Passenger Locator Form (PLF) form is no longer needed. Information below is for when the form was required. ETIAS for Greece will be required for visa-exempt travelers starting November 2023.

Travelers to Greece must fill out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before they arrive in the country. This allows the Greek government to contact them if they have questions about their previous travels, their health or if they are exposed to COVID-19 or other tracked, communicable diseases while they are in Greece.

It is easy to fill out this form as it is available online and does not require technical information. One form is required per family so that officials can reach out if they need to get in touch with one of the travelers.

What is the Greece Passenger Locator Form?

The PLF is a form that gives the Greek government and Greek health officials the information they need to determine what documentation a person needs to show to enter the country. Most people will simply need to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or proof that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their flight's departure.

A few people will need to take another COVID-19 test upon arrival in Greece. These tests will be processed as soon as possible but people will be required to self-isolate until they receive negative results from these tests.

Who Needs It?

The Locator Form is required for people entering Greece by air, land, and sea. In addition to showing the form, people entering through the Promachonas land border will need to show negative PCR test results from within 72 hours. They will also need to quarantine for 7 days, even with those negative results.

The Passenger Locator Form also tells Greek officials how they can find travelers if they need to. If people get exposed to COVID-19 while they are in Greece or there are questions about possible previous exposure, the form makes it easy for officials to get ahold of the travelers to notify them or clear up the situation.

What is the Process for Getting and Using a Passenger Locator Form?

It's easy to get a PLF for Greece. Travelers can apply online, from anywhere they can get a secure, reliable internet connection. They will want to make sure that the connection is good for the whole time they are filling out the form, so they don't lose data or accidentally submit something that is incomplete.

Travelers should get online to fill out their forms on the day before they are planning to arrive in Greece. They will want to have information about where they are departing from, any other recent travels outside of Greece, and where they will be staying once they arrive in Greece.

Filling Out The Form

Once they are online, travelers can simply fill out an easy, straightforward form. Families who will be traveling together in Greece can fill out one form for the whole party. The person filling out the form will need the names and personal information for all of the travelers who will be covered by that form.

When the form is complete, the visitor can submit it online. Almost immediately, they should receive a confirmation email telling them that their data was received. If the traveler does not receive any more information from the Greek government before they leave, this confirmation email should allow them to get on the plane or boat that is heading to Greece.

Arriving In Greece

On the day that they are scheduled to arrive in Greece, travelers will receive a QR code that is unique to them. This will arrive via email, so they should be sure that they will have a way to access it after arriving in the country.

They will show this QR code along with any other required information when they go through immigration. The officials will be able to scan it and it will tell them what they need to do or what health documentation they need to show to enter the country.

What are the Benefits of the PLF?

The Passenger Locator Form is a key component of Greece's plan to reopen for travelers and still keep people safe from COVID-19. It gives health officials a way to track the virus and those who may be bringing it into the country or who might get exposed while they are there.

Without the PLF, Greece might have to remain closed to travelers for longer. This could hurt the Greek economy because it would limit tourism and business travel even more. It would also be a huge disappointment for people who had been hoping to visit Greece for a long time.

Putting the PLF online makes it easy for all travelers to access. It also means that the country can process the forms and turn them around quickly, so that travelers do not have to wait in long lines for health screenings, in-person health questionnaires, and more.

Protecting both Greek citizens and travelers from other countries from COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses is important, and the PLF is Greece's way of tracking data so they can do this well.

Is a PLF Required to Enter Greece?

A completed Passenger Locator Form is required for anyone who wants to enter Greece for any reason. Even Greek citizens who leave the country and return are required to fill one out and submit it upon arrival in their home country.

Proof of Other Entry Documents

Visitors will need additional documentation, too. People coming from countries that require a visa to enter Greece, or other travel permission, will need to show that they have this in addition to meeting all of the health requirements that Greece asks of them.

A Good Passport

Travelers will also need to show a valid passport upon entering Greece. This will need to be current, and will need to remain current for at least 6 months past the day of their arrival. It will need to contain a recognizable picture of the traveler and it should contain accurate personal information, too.

If a traveler's personal information changes at any point, they will need to acquire a new passport from their home country before traveling to Greece. They will also need to get a new visa or other travel permission, if required, that reflects their updated personal data.

Additional Forms

Greece also still requires the same customs, etc. forms that they have always asked for. Travelers will need to be ready to fill these out upon arriving in the country and have them completed by the time they approach customs officials. These simply indicate what a person is bringing into the country and what they plan to do with anything they are bringing.

Armed with their PLF, their passport, their travel permission forms, and their customs forms, visitors should have what they need to enter Greece.

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