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ETIAS for US Citizens

So many travelers from the USA visit the European Union every year. There’s so much to see there and traveling through Europe is a dream that so many people hold dear. Right now, travelers from the US do not have to get a visa to enter the Schengen Zone of the EU. As of 2021, though, that is going to change. At that point, officials will require an ETIAS visa for US citizens. Here’s what travelers need to know about getting this documentation in order.

American citizens are eligible for ETIAS

Applying for the ETIAS

Getting an ETIAS visa should be easy for US citizens. The application is available online, takes no more than 10 minutes, and only costs 7 Euros. It won’t put a dent in anyone’s schedule or their pocketbook. Additionally, getting an ETIAS visa for US citizens only requires having a passport. No other documentation is necessary.

The ETIAS visa application asks for:

● Citizenship information
● Contact information, including a physical address, phone number, and an email address
● Personal and biometric data, like name, place of birth, birthday, etc.
● The traveler’s education and work experience
● The countries in the EU, and specifically in the Schengen Zone, that the traveler plans to visit
● Background information, including information about previous arrests and/or criminal activity, times the traveler was rejected or deported from another country, political and other affiliations, and times the traveler was in countries where there was war or unrest

Most of the time, the ETIAS visa for US citizens will be approved immediately. If this doesn’t happen, applicants normally hear back on their visa within 96 hours, though the process can take up to two weeks for full resolution. Travelers should leave plenty of time between their visa application and their travel dates to make sure they have the ETIAS visa for US citizens before they leave home.

Traveling to Europe with an ETIAS

The ETIAS visa will be tied to the passport and will be electronically available when that document is scanned by immigration officials upon entering the EU. This makes traveling to Europe with the ETIAS visa easy, because travelers don’t have to carry a hard copy of this documentation.

The ETIAS visa is valid for up to three years, though it will expire when the US passport expires if that happens first. It allows as many entries as the traveler wants to make within that time, though it only allows travelers to stay for 90 days out of any 180 day period of time.

Travelers will need to enter Europe through the country they listed on their ETIAS application or they will need a separate ETIAS visa. If the application is denied, they will be told the reason why and are more than welcome to apply again.

The ETIAS visa for US citizens is designed to make travel in Europe safe and secure for everyone there. Most applicants will find that it doesn’t hinder their travel plans at all!
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