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ETIAS for Costa Rican Citizens

By 2021, all travelers from Costa Rica who want to visit the Schengen Zone in Europe will need an ETIAS visa waiver before they travel. This travel permission is designed to screen for travelers who may be dangerous, who may be participating in terrorist activities, or who might be carrying communicable diseases.

While getting an ETIAS visa waiver for Europe adds an extra step to the travel process, it is one that most visitors will be happy to take. Feeling safer when they travel is worth just a little bit of hassle.

Costa Rican citizens are eligible for ETIAS

Applying for an ETIAS for Citizens from Costa Rica

It’s easy to get an ETIAS visa waiver. The application is straightforward and easy to fill out. In fact, most travelers find that they can apply for their ETIAS for citizens from Costa Rica in 10-15 minutes. Before they start the application, travelers will need: 

  • A valid email address that they can check regularly until their ETIAS visa waiver for Europe gets approved.
  • A credit card. This is only to pay the ETIAS visa waiver fee and will not be stored or kept for any other uses.
  • A valid passport from CR. This should have at least 6 months of validity left on it.

Once they have gathered all of these items, applicants can follow the simple online directions to complete their ETIAS visa waiver for Europe application. Once they submit the application and pay the fee, they should hear back within a couple of weeks. However, most travelers hear back almost immediately.

When they have email notification that their ETIAS for citizens from Costa Rica was approved, they don’t need to do anything else. They can simply plan their trip to Europe as usual, since the ETIAS visa waiver approval will show up when European officials scan their passport.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Europe Facts

The ETIAS visa waiver will help keep both travelers and residents of the Schengen Zone safe. It is easy to use. Here are a few things that travelers should know about this program.

  • Once granted, the ETIAS visa waiver is good for 3 years or until the current passport expires, whichever comes first.
  • The ETIAS allows for free travel throughout the Schengen Zone. Once travelers get in, they can visit any country they want without needing further travel permission.
  • The ETIAS allows for stays up to 90 days. This should give travelers all the time they need to see sights, etc.
  • Future visits to Europe will need to start in the same city that is listed on the ETIAS visa waiver or the traveler will need to get a different visa waiver.
  • Every person in a party, even small children, will need their own ETIAS visa waiver for Europe.

Travelers from CR who have always wanted to visit Europe still can! The ETIAS for citizens from Costa Rica will keep them safer than ever before and it’s easy to get, too!

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