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ETIAS for Chilean Citizens

Chileans will find visiting Europe safer and just as rewarding as before when the ETIAS visa waiver system begins to be used in 2021. This system requires citizens of countries that don’t need visas for European travel to, instead, obtain a visa waiver. It allows the government to know which foreign nationals are in the Schengen Zone at all times and it lets them screen travelers for dangerous associations or possible exposure to communicable diseases.Chilean citizens are eligible for ETIAS

Applying for the ETIAS for Citizens from Chile

While getting an ETIAS visa waiver for Europe does add another step to the process, it’s simple and straightforward to do. Everyone should apply online, using the easy application provided by the European government. The application has easy-to-follow instructions for each step and it only takes most travelers 10-15 minutes to fill it out.

Applicants can make the process even faster by having everything ready ahead of time. They will need: 

  • An email address that they check regularly. ETIAS visa waiver approval will be sent electronically, and applicants need to know if their visa was approved.
  • A valid credit card. This will only be used to pay for the ETIAS visa waiver application fee and will not be stored or kept for any reason.
  • A valid passport from CH with at least 6 months of validity left on it. If it will not be valid that long, the traveler will need to get a new passport before he or she can get an ETIAS for citizens from Chile.

After submitting the ETIAS visa waiver for Europe and paying the fee, travelers should keep an eye on their email box for their visa status. Most travelers hear back very quickly, though a few applications will take up to a couple of weeks to review.

How to Use the ETIAS Visa Waiver for Europe

Once travelers receive notice that their ETIAS for citizens from Chile was approved, then they are ready to travel. They don’t need to print out the approval, though they can. However, it is tied to the barcode on their passport. When they enter Europe, officials will scan their passport and see that they have an approved ETIAS visa waiver on file.

The ETIAS visa waiver is good for up to three years or until the traveler’s current passport from CH expires, whichever comes first. Travelers can stay in Europe for up to 90 days at a time on that same visa waiver, as long as they enter Europe through the same city each time. If they want to enter though a different city, they will need to get a new ETIAS visa waiver for Europe.

Once in Europe, travelers can visit any country in the Schengen Zone without needing to get any further travel permission or approval as these borders are completely open.

Travelers can get their ETIAS for citizens from Chile quickly, then travel to Europe as often as they need to. They will be safer and have more government protection than ever before!

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