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ETIAS for Bahamian Citizens

When 2021 rolls around, travel from the Bahamas to Europe is going to require an extra step. However, there’s nothing to worry about. The ETIAS visa waiver is easy to get and should be easy to use, too. Here’s what travelers need to know about getting their ETIAS for citizens from the BS so they can still enjoy that European vacation they’ve been dreaming about.
Bahamian citizens are eligible for ETIAS

Facts About the ETIAS Visa Waiver

The ETIAS visa waiver for Europe is a safety measure put in place by the European Union. It is designed to make the Schengen Zone of the EU safer for both travelers and citizens by denying entry to people who are potentially involved with terrorism, political unrest, and more. It is also designed to help track the spread of certain diseases and keep them out of the EU.

It’s easy to get an ETIAS for citizens from the Bahamas because travelers can fill out and submit their applications online. They can also pay the low visa waiver fee via a safe portal. Once their ETIAS visa waiver has been granted, they will be allowed to enter Europe through the portal city they listed for up to three years or until their current passport expires, whatever happens first. They can stay there for up to 90 days at a time for either business or tourist purposes. Travelers with other reasons for visiting Europe will need a different kind of visa or waiver.

The ETIAS visa waiver should make travelers feel even safer during their time in the EU, since they will know that other visitors were screened just like they were. 

Getting an ETIAS Visa Waiver for Europe

Start by applying for the ETIAS visa for citizens from the Bahamas here. The webform is simple and has clear instructions throughout, so applicants should have no problems filling it out. In order to complete the process fully, they will need:

  • A valid email address
  • A credit card
  • Their current passport from the BS with at least 6 months of validity remaining

They will be asked to enter several pieces of personal information, which should match what is on their passports exactly. They will also need to answer questions about:

  • Previous travels, especially those to areas where there was political, social, or religious unrest or other conflicts
  • Health information, especially anything pertaining to virulent diseases and their spread
  • Security information, such as previous arrests and convictions, membership in certain groups, and more

Once the application is complete and the fee is paid, travelers will receive notice of their visa status via email. If it is granted, they should print off the document attached to the email and carry it with them when they enter Europe.

It’s fun and easy to travel to Europe from the Bahamas. The ETIAS visa waiver makes these trips even safer! Travelers can apply today and travel soon, knowing that they are as safe as they can possibly be while they travel.

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