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ETIAS From the Comfort of Your Own Home

By 2021, the EU and other European governments are going to implement the European Travel Information and Authorization System, or the ETIAS. This system is designed to screen travelers before they enter the Schengen Zone, even if they do not require a visa for entry. It will keep both visitors and citizens safer and given the government more control over their borders.

Fortunately, the ETIAS visa waiver is easy to obtain. Here’s what travelers need to know.

How the ETIAS Visa Process Will Make Traveling Easy

The ETIAS is aimed at making travel as easy as possible while still securing the borders of the Schengen Zone. There are several aspects of the ETIAS and its application process that make travel simple.

  • Travelers can apply for their ETIAS visa waiver from the comfort and safety of their own homes. They don’t have to visit a consulate or an embassy or even send in their passport.
  • The ETIAS visa waiver, once granted, is connected electronically to the passport, so there’s no need to print off extra paper to carry around.
  • The ETIAS is good for up to 3 years or until the traveler’s current passport expires, whichever comes first. Travelers only have to enter through the same airport every time they travel.
  • The ETIAS is good for business travel and tourism, so most travel to Europe is covered by this one document.
  • The ETIAS allows stays of up to 90 days in the Schengen Zone. This allows plenty of time for sightseeing, adventure travel, or to complete business transactions.
  • Once inside the Schengen Zone, travelers do not need any additional permission to cross the borders therein. They won’t need to show their passports or anything.

Get an ETIAS Visa Waiver Starting 2021

Travelers who need an ETIAS visa waiver can find the application online when it becomes active. It’s straightforward and each step contains clear, concise directions to make it even easier to fill out.

Travelers will need to be ready to:

  • Enter personal information exactly as it appears on their passports. Mistakes can confuse the system and cause the application to be rejected.
  • Enter information about their previous travel, especially to areas where there was unrest or disease.
  • Enter information about any arrests and convictions, as well as data about membership in certain groups.
  • Pay the ETAIS visa waiver application fee.

Many travelers will receive ETIAS visa waiver approval within just a few minutes of submitting their application. If they do not, though, they should not panic. They will hear back within 2 weeks.

Final visa waiver status will be sent to the email address that the traveler provided in their application. If the ETIAS visa waiver is approved, they don’t need to do anything except plan their trip. If it was not approved, they are welcome to edit some information and try the application again.

The ETIAS visa waiver adds a step in the process of traveling to Europe, but it’s so easy to get that it won’t even be a bump in the road for most applicants.