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Do Travelers Need to Print Their ETIAS Visa Waivers?

Traveling to Europe is exciting and many people don’t even have to get a visa to take a trip there. However, by 2021 even people who don’t need a visa will need to get an ETIAS visa waiver in order to visit the Schengen Zone.

Since this is a new program that is still in the planning stages, many travelers have questions about how it will work. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do travelers need to print their ETIAS visa waiver approval before they travel?” Here is a comprehensive answer to that question.

Printing an ETIAS is NOT Essential

Travelers do not need to have a printed copy of their ETIAS visa waiver for Europe when they arrive in the Schengen Zone. The waiver will be connected to their passport number. When Immigration officials scan the passport’s barcode, the waiver should appear automatically.

This process is aimed at expediting Immigration lines. Things move faster when travelers don’t have to find papers and officials don’t have to examine them.

The barcode process also increases security. There is a much smaller chance that someone could forge or fake ETIAS visa waiver approval when everything is electronic. This lowers the chance that people who cannot get a visa will enter Europe illegally.

The Benefits to Printing Your ETIAS Visa Waiver to Europe

While printing the ETIAS visa waiver to Europe is not required, it may still be a good idea to do so. Travelers who have easy access to a printer and who like to carry documentation with them are more than welcome to do so.

There are a few other reasons why visitors to Europe may want to print out a copy of their ETIAS visa waiver approval. These include:

  • Peace of mind. Travelers who worry about documentation or who have had trouble with electronic systems before may feel more confident and relaxed if they travel with a printed copy of their ETIAS visa waiver approval.
  • Avoid mix-ups. If the system gets mixed up or there is any confusion when the traveler tries to enter Europe, a printed copy of the ETIAS visa waiver could help clear things up. There may still be delays but they might be shorter.
  • Get around system issues. All computers and databases go down every once in a while. Travelers who have printed copies of their ETIAS visa waiver approval may be able to avoid some of the complications that can come up when this happens.

Most of the time, Immigration officials in Europe will not need to see a printed copy of ETIAS visa waiver approval. However, it can’t hurt to travel with this if getting it is easy. It may get some travelers out of a difficult spot or give them extra peace of mind when traveling to Europe.

Getting ETIAS visa waiver approval is simple and straightforward for most travelers. Apply today to travel soon and make European vacation dreams come true!