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Egypt Visa Policy

If you are planning a trip to Egypt this year, you'll want to take a close look at their visa policy. Egypt is a country that has a wide range of regulations for visitors, including traditional visa applications, online e-visa applications, and visa-exempt countries. This often causes a lot of confusion for travelers to Egypt, so make sure you are prepared for your visit by reading our guide below on the Egypt visa policy.

Who Needs a Visa to Visit Egypt?

Travelers to Egypt can be broken down into a few different categories. Visitors from ten countries, including Hong Kong and the UAE, are allowed to visit the country for up to three months without a visa.

Visitors from another set of countries, including China, Afghanistan, and Jordan, have unique regulations to each country, based on age, the type of trip they are undertaking, and gender, which sometimes allow for a visa-free trip also.

Moving on from that, some countries are also exempt due to traveling in groups of five or more people with booked accommodation or being born to an Egyptian father or Egyptian mother (after the year 2004 for the mother).

However, for countries that are not included in these regulations, you'll need a visa for your trip. Visitors from the UK, US, EU, and a few other countries can apply for their visa on arrival in Egypt, which came into place in December 2020.

Since 2017, there has also been the option for the e-Visa for visitors from 46 countries, who can apply for tourism and business visas online using the e-Visa system. For any countries that do not fall under these categories, you will need to follow the traditional visa application process by visiting your local embassy in your home country prior to your trip.

On top of requiring a visa, a group of countries, including Iran and Iraq, require the Egyptian State Security Authorities' approval before their entry. As you can see, it's a very complex situation when applying for a visa to Egypt, with so many countries having different rules for entry.

Popular Types of Egyptian Visa to Apply For

If you are visiting Egypt for sightseeing or to visit family and friends, you'll need to apply for an Egyptian tourist visa. If you aren't eligible to apply online, this will need to be completed at your local embassy instead.

For anyone who just needs to travel through Egypt, whether you need a transit visa or not will be dependent on your nationality and the length of time you will have to spend in Egypt on your journey.

If you are spending less than 48 hours in the country and can show an onward ticket, you won't need to apply for this visa. Some countries can even leave the transit area during this time, however, there are some restrictions for a few countries that will need to remain in the airport.

Another common visa application is for a business visa. Unlike other countries, you will need this visa even if you are just traveling to attend a conference, course, or seminar. Of course, if you are engaging in further business, this visa will also be required.

On top of these popular visa options, you'll also find visas especially designed for visiting friends and family in the country, attending sports or cultural events, short-term education or internships, and then long-term visas for academic or business reasons.

How Can I Apply for an Egypt Visa?

For anyone who needs to apply for a visa for Egypt, you'll need to get in contact with your local embassy to begin the process. Contact them via phone or email to select a date and time for your appointment. From there, you'll need to complete the visa application form, which can either be found online or be sent by the embassy. Ensure you complete this form correctly and in black pen.

During your appointment, you will be required to submit the application form and pay your visa fee. Fees will vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and if you need your application rushed through at all.

After the stated processing time, you will then be told whether your visa application was successful. You will then either need to collect your passport or have it sent via the mail, and it should now include your approved visa.

What Documents Are Needed for the Visa Application?

In order to apply for an Egyptian visa, you'll need to collect together certain documents. You'll need to provide two copies of the completed and signed application form, along with your valid passport. You should attach two recent photos and proof of your visa payment.

To show the reason for your visit to Egypt, you'll need to include a bank statement, return flight ticket, and proof of accommodation for your trip. If you are working or studying in the country, expect to also need to prove your employment or place of study with a contract or letter of support.

Egypt E-Visa Application

For visitors from the countries that are required to complete an e-Visa application, you'll find this to be a simple online application you can complete before your trip. This type of visa offers single or multiple entry options, with stays for a maximum of thirty days at a time.

To get started, you'll just need a valid passport, payment card, and an email address. You'll find the process to be quick and easy, and you'll be guided through every step of entering your details, so you are ready to head off on your Egyptian adventure.

As you can see, the Egyptian visa policies are one of the more complex in the world, with rules and regulations varying from country to country. To avoid any issues, you'll want to ensure you follow the guidelines listed above carefully to apply for the right type of visa for your upcoming trip. This will ensure you have a stress-free trip and that you aren't overstaying your welcome in this beautiful country.

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