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Penalties for Overstaying in Egypt

The ancient wonders and beauty of Egypt are captivating to say the least, which has resulted in some tourists wondering if there are penalties for staying past the expiration date of their visa for Egypt.

Thanks in part to the spread of disinformation and partly due to recent changes in law, there has been quite a bit of confusion as to the actual penalties for overstaying in Egypt, so we wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

Yes, You Have a Little Leeway, But…

Some well meaning friends and family members may advise you that it’s legal for you to stay up to 15 days past your 30-day tourist visa to Egypt, taking you to a total of 45 days, with incurring a financial penalty.

However, if you have the misfortune of listening to those acquaintances you’ll be faced with having to pay out of pocket before boarding your flight home.

And you might not consider them such a good friend anymore.

You’re actually only allowed to stay a total of 43 days, 13 days past your visa to Egypt expiration date, without facing a monetary fine.

Furthermore, you could actually end up missing your flight home as you’ll have to wait in yet another line in order to pay the penalty. These lines can sometimes take hours, depending on the amount of travelers that day.

How Much is the Fine?

Once again, those well-meaning friends may tell you that the fine is nominal and easily affordable. While in the recent past they may have been correct, you might lose another friend if you listen to them. 

Recent changes in Egyptian law have increased the fines for ignoring visa expiration dates and you might be more than a little shocked to find out you must pay $500 when you were told it would only be $50.

Furthermore, the penalty for overstaying in Egypt is only accepted in certain currencies. Not only could you find yourself out of pocket for more than you were planning, you could miss your flight as you run around attempting to exchange your currency for one that is accepted.

Pyramids in Egypt

How Can I Pay the Fine for Overstaying?

In case you haven’t learned by now, you probably shouldn’t listen to your friends when it comes to serious immigration questions. Unless you want to lose a friend. 

While it may seem logical to head to the immigration office in order to forego the wait time at the airport, you’ll have stood in line for no reason.

Unless you are applying for a visa extension, for which there are new regulations as well, you will indeed need to schedule additional time for your departure from the airport.

The penalty for overstaying a visa in Egypt has to be paid at the airport on the date of departure. 

Of course the best practice is not to stay past the expiration date of your visa to Egypt, but now you know what you will face if you do.

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