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What are the Egypt eVisa Passport Upload Requirements?

Travelers need proper travel and identity documents like a visa and passport to cross borders of any country.

To travel to Egypt, foreign nationals need a visa. This can be a regular paper visa or a Egypt eVisa (if eligible).

To get a visa/eVisa all foreigners need to submit certain documents and answer a few questions. Here’s what applicants for an Egyptian eVisa need to know about the documents to be submitted. 

Have Passport Ready for Application

The passport is an internationally recognized identity document as it recognizes a person as a subject of the nation.

Foreigners who wish to visit Egypt need a legally valid passport. The passport should be valid at least six months from the date of arrival in Egypt. 

As per the guidelines for an Egyptian visa, the passports of the applicants should have at least three blank pages wherein the visa could be stamped. 

Foreign nationals who are eligible for an Egyptian eVisa are required to upload the pages of their passport during the online application process.  

What Will Be Needed for the Upload? 

Foreign applicants who are entitled for an Egyptian eVisa need to upload a digital copy of a few pages in their passport. 

They do not submit the physical copy at the consulate. They should upload the page that has personal information including the full name, nationality, gender, date of birth and address and the opposite page that has the applicant’s signature.

The information of their passport also contains passport information like the date of issue/expiry and passport number.

In most passports, these details are given on the passport information page which will also have a photograph of the applicant and his/her signature. 

Citizens of some countries like France and Italy can upload their national ID instead of their passport pages. 

Applicants should be careful to upload a clear image of the passport pages with correct information.

Errors in the images or uploading wrong pages can delay the visa. In some cases, the eVisa can be rejected. 

Can I take a Picture of the Passport with My Phone? 

Applicants can take a picture of the passport information pages using their cell phone. However, the images need to be clear and not blurry. The images must be of high quality and all the information should be clearly visible and readable. 

Unclear image or information can lead to delay in visa processing or may result in visa denial.

How to Upload the Passport Image? 

According to the guidelines for the Egyptian eVisa, a clear digital copy of the passport will be enough.

The best way to get a digital copy of the pages without compromising on the clarity will be getting them scanned using a scanner.

Make sure to take a color scan of the passport pages. 

Applicants can upload and save the digital pages on their personal computer or their cellphones. Then, they will have it ready in a file at the time of visa application.

If they are applying through Natvisa.com, they do not need to worry about the format of the file or cropping the image to its full effect. Natvisa will do it for them.    

What Passport Image is Accepted?

There are a few guidelines to be followed while uploading the passport pages for getting an Egyptian visa. Read on to know more

All file types: Natvisa accepts all kinds of formats. However, Egyptian authorities usually are very strict about the format. The preferred format is jpeg. Applicants who wish to apply through natvisa.com do not need to worry about the format as we change the format, if there is a need. 

Up to 2 MB file size: The images can be in color or black and white. As per the government guidelines, the name of the image file should not have any space or special character. Natvisa will take care of the formatting and resizing if there is a need and we accept files that are as big as 2MB.

Sideways images: Sometimes applicants submit sideway images. Natvisa accepts such images and we correct them and upload them in the required format.  

What Passport Image is Not Accepted? 

Blurry images: The images must be clear and readable. The information on the passport pages is used to identify the applicants and unclear images do not serve the purpose.

Applicants need to be extremely careful not to submit blurry or unclear images as this will delay the visa processing and in the worst case, result in visa rejection.  

Images that show the wrong passport page: The passport pages should include all the personal and passport information. Also, the information shared must match that in the online application form.

If applicants upload passport pages that do not contain the required information, their visa will be rejected. 

Pixelated Images. The passport information and signature pages should be of good quality and with an even tone.

Images with shadows or that are pixelated will make it difficult to read. Pixelated images will not be accepted by the Egyptian authorities and the visa application can be delayed. 

Passport Image that shows an expired passport. To be eligible for an Egyptian visa, the applicants’ passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival.

If the images show an expired passport, the visa will not be processed.

Applicants who have an expired/soon-to-be expired passport are advised to get a new passport before applying for an Egyptian eVisa. 

File that has a blank image or file is corrupted. Corrupt files or blank files do not provide the information required by the visa authorities to identify the applicants. If applicants submit a blank image, their visa application will be rejected.

Image that shows only the details page: For an Egyptian eVisa to be approved, applicants must provide their passport’s information page and the signature page (the opposite page of the information page). If they upload only the information page with their photograph and other details, the visa will be rejected. 

Keep in mind that Natvisa will send out an email requesting a new passport image if it fails the guidelines mentioned.

What Natvisa Does After the Passport Image is Received 

Natvisa has years of experience in visa application for various countries. We will review the images of the passport pages that the applicants submit. We resize the images, if needed, to fit the requirements and at times crop it. 

While we accept all file formats, we eventually convert it into the required format. 

We will compare the details on the passport to the application form and make sure they are matched.

If the information provided in the online application form does not match that in the scanned copy of the passport, the visa will not be processed.

What Dimensions are Required at the Gov Site

The official website of the Egyptian government is very strict about the size, format and resolution of the uploaded images.

Only jpeg images can be uploaded and there should not be any space or special character in the file name.

Also, the image size must not exceed 500 KB. 

When is it Uploaded?

Uploading the passport image comes during the application process. If the applicant is getting the eVisa though the Gove site or Natvisa, it will having online as they are applying for the visa.

The Egypt eVisa is 100% online.

After the epassport image is issued and the eVsia is issued, the document wil be sent via email and be available on their Natvisa dashboard. Simply print off a copy of the eVisa and keep with travel documents.

Egyptian officials will ask to see the document upon arrival, and airline personnel may also ask for the eVisa to ensure visitors can legally enter Egypt.

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