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Egyptian Visa Application Through the Embassy or Consulate

Egypt has earned its place as one of the top tourist destinations around the world. People visit the many historic sites in the country from all over the world.

If you plan to travel to Egypt sometime soon for whatever reason, be it tourism, education, business, or work, getting an Egypt visa should be your first order of business.

Egyptian Immigration Authorities have established some requirements that foreigners must satisfy for them to be granted Egypt visa.

If you are traveling to Egypt for tourism, you should apply for the Egyptian tourist visa, which gives you access to Egypt for 90 days.

If you wish to visit Egypt for other purposes such as work or studies, you should apply for an Egypt work visa or Egypt student visa.

There are different ways to go about getting an Egypt visa. You have the option of using the Egyptian Consulate visa application, visa on arrival, or eVisa to Egypt.

Let’s have a look at the different approaches.

Pyramids in Egypt

Regular Visa Application at Consulate Near You

Egyptian consulate visa application requires you to submit some documents when applying.

Failure to provide those documents may lead to a visa denial. Below are the things required of you to apply for Egypt Visa:

1. International Passport

You must have your international passport ready with at least two empty pages. The passport must be valid for a minimum of three months from your intended travel date.

2. A Fully Completed Visa Application Form

An Egyptian consulate visa application form consists of questions about your personal information.

You must, however, be careful when filling the form as any information you enter must tally with the information on your supporting documents.

3. Passport Photographs

You must have two copies of recently taken 2 x 2 passport photographs. These passport photographs must capture your whole face and have a white background.

4. Bank Statement of Account

The bank statement of account must be stamped and signed and must not be older than two weeks.

5. Travel Insurance Certificate

Original copies of your travel insurance certificate must be tendered at the Embassy.

6. Hotel Reservation Voucher

In case you do not have a host in Egypt, you should have a hotel reservation that will cover the entire duration of your stay in Egypt.

The Embassy will verify with the hotel to see if your booking is valid.

If you do not pay many hotels within 24 hours, they will cancel your booking which may lead to your visa getting denied.

The Egyptian Embassy advises that you should not pay for hotel booking when your visa application is still being processed.

7. Flight Reservation

You should book a return flight ticket which shows your entry and exit dates. This sows the Embassy that you do not intend to stay longer than you indicated in Egypt.

8. Proof of Employment

You need to submit a letter from your employer or company, which states that you are an employee or owner at the company.

Other documents you may include, if available, include company registration documents and a letter indicating how long you will be spending in Egypt and what work you will be undertaking in the country.

9. Invitation Letter

If you have a family member, friend, or business partner in Egypt, you should submit an invitation letter indicating how long you will be staying in Egypt and the reasons.


  • Put all your supporting documents together before you fill out the application form.

  • Book an appointment with the Egyptian Embassy in your country by placing a phone call.

  • Visit the nearest Egyptian consulate and have a meeting with an immigration officer who collects your documents.

  • Submit your documents, and the Embassy will notify you to come and pick them up later.
This is the general process to get the visa to Egypt through the embassy or consulate. Some details may change depending on the purpose of visit lenght of stay.
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