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Egypt Visa for Polish Citizens

Each and every year, millions upon millions of people around the world procure their Visa to Egypt, fulfilling lifelong dreams. Now, thanks to the Egyptian government, it is easier than ever to get your Egypt Visa for Polish Citizens.

Pack your bags, because with the eVisa you’ll have your Egypt Visa for Tourism in 5 business days and be on your way.

Pyramids in Egypt

3 Easy Steps for Visa Application Online

It’s fast, affordable, and easy.

1. Complete the online application.

2. Upload a digital copy of your Passport and pay the small fee.

3. Print a copy of your Visa to Egypt when it arrives via email.

No long Embassy lines.

No waiting for the postman to finally deliver your Visa.

5 minutes and 5 business days is all it takes.

Requirements for Your Egypt Visa for Tourism

Surprisingly, there are few requirements for your Visa to Egypt as well.

  • An Ordinary Passport (not a Diplomatic Passport, Maritime Passport or Convention of July) that is valid for at least 6 months from your estimated arrival date.

  • Complete the application with valid information that matches your Passport.

  • A clear and legible digital copy of your Passport.

  • A valid email address.

  • Access to a printer.

The associated fees which average around $100 USD depending on whether you select a single or multiple entry Visa, are non-refundable.
You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Paypal, but the fees are for the processing of the application and aren’t dependent on whether your application is accepted or not.

However, before sending your application on for final approval, our experts will review it and contact you for any necessary corrections.
So, as long as your Passport is valid and matches your submitted information, your application should be approved without a problem.

Other Things to Know About Your Visa to Egypt

Just 5 short business days after completing your application, you’ll receive your visa via email. Your Egypt Visa for Tourism is valid for 90-days from the date of issue and will allow you to visit the country for up to 30-days.

Entering Egypt with Visa Document

As this Visa is your official travel document, you must provide a copy upon arrival and present it anytime asked while traveling. Therefore, it’s generally considered a best practice to print off at least two copies and keep them with you for the duration of the trip.

Get Your Egypt Visa for Polish Citizens

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. You simply need to complete the online Visa application, upload the digital copy of your Passport that is valid for 6 at least months from arrival date, pay the small fee, and print off at least one copy when you receive it via email in 5 business days.

Some countries may be discouraging immigration and visitors, but you can now get your Egypt Visa for Tourism easier than ever. Forget seeing the Eiffel Tower again, it’s time for you to final get your Visa to Egypt and see those historic sites that you’ve been dreaming about for years.
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