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Egypt Visa for Luxembourgish Citizens

 There’s a lot of reasons why an estimated 10 million people are going to visit Egypt this year but one of the biggest is that it’s never been easier to get your Egypt Visa for Luxembourg Citizens. With just a few minutes, a few dollars, and some basic travel information, you’ll get your Visa to Egypt via email in just 5 short business days.

Keep reading to find out how easy and affordable it really is.

Pyramids in Egypt

Get Your Egypt Visa for Tourism

Some countries may be doing everything they can to make obtaining a Visa all the more difficult, but Visas to Egypt are easier than ever before. However, before you fill out your online application, you’re going to need one thing:

1. A digital scan of your Passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date you put on the application.
It also must be an Ordinary Passport as options such as Travel Documents, Diplomatic Passport Maritime Passports, or Convention of July are not valid for the eVisa.

With that one item, a few minutes of your time and a small application fee, you’ll have your Visa to Egypt emailed to you in 5 business days.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Once you have those two digital items, the rest is simple. Gone are those horrid days of fighting rush hour traffic and standing in long lines at the Embassy for your Egypt Visa for Tourism.
To forego any hassle and receive your Visa to Egypt by email, just follow these easy steps.

1. Complete the eVisa online application. All areas with a red asterisk are required and you’ll be asked for your personal information such as name and DOB, as well as your Passport and travel information.

2. Upload the digital scan of your Passport.

3. Pay the non-refundable Visa and associated fees. Depending on whether you select a single or multiple entry Visa to Egypt, you’ll pay an average of $100 USD.

At that point, we’ll review your application to verify that the information matches your Passport and that there aren’t any errors, and then forward it on for approval. The entire process only takes 5 business days and you’ll receive the results at the email address you provide on the application.

It’s Easy to Get an Egypt Visa for Luxembourg Citizens

Once you receive your Visa to Egypt, you need to print off at least one copy and keep it with your travel documents. It’s valid for 90-days from the date of issue and you can visit Egypt as a tourist for up to 30-days.

Your eVisa is an official document that permits your entry into Egypt as well as travel within, so you must present a printout of it when you arrive and keep it with you at all times.

Simply fill out your online application for your Egypt Visa for Tourism by following the instructions above and ensure that you watch your email. With the eVisa, you can be in Egypt in less than a week.
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