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Egypt Visa for Indian Citizens | Visa Options

Indian travelers planning a trip to Egypt should have proper travel authorization from its government.

As of now, Indian citizens are required to apply for an embassy visa to visit Egypt unless they are applying for a group tourism visa through an Egyptian travel agent recognized by the government.

Many Indians go on a pilgrimage to holy land covering countries like Egypt and Israel. They typically travel in groups and apply for an eVisa through Egyptian travel agents recognized by their government.

Here’s what Indian citizens need to know about Egyptian visas. 

Do Indians Need A Visa?

Yes, the citizens of India need a visa to travel to Egypt.

At present, they are not eligible for the electronic visa individually (must be applied in a group), or a visa on arrival.

However, getting an embassy visa is not as difficult as it sounds.

Visa applications can be smooth and seamless if the applicants know about the process.

A visa is a legal authorization issued by a government to the citizens of a foreign country to visit their nation for various purposes including tourism, business, study, work and transit. 

The Egyptian government issues various types of visas for Indians. Read on to know more about these visas. 

Egyptian Visa for Tourism 

Indians are required to apply through the Egyptian embassy in New Delhi or the consulate in Mumbai to get an Egyptian tourism visa. The visa can be used only for sightseeing and other trips related to tourism.

The Egyptian government issues two types of tourism visas for Indian citizens—single-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. 

The single-entry visa is granted for a period of three months. However, Indians arriving on this visa can stay up to only 30 days in the country. They can typically enter the country for a single time. If they leave the country within the 30 days of permitted stay, they have to get a new visa to re-enter Egypt. 

A multiple-entry visa allows Indians to stay in Egypt up to 30 days each visit – valid for 6 months. They can visit the neighboring nations and come back to Egypt. 

If Indian citizens are traveling in groups, one of them can submit multiple visa applications in the embassy. Parents or guardians can submit visa applications for minor children and have to sign their applications 

Both the single and multiple entry visas are sticker/paper visas and Indians need to apply through the embassy or consulate to get them. The cost of the single-entry visa is approximately Rs 2000 (around 24 USD) whereas the multiple-entry visa costs the applicant around Rs 3000 (around 50 USD).

Egyptian Visa for Business 

A business visa for Egypt is granted for citizens of India to attend business meetings, conferences, client meetings or other business-related endeavors.

This can be used for attending meetings in their own company or a venture doing business with their company. 

The validity of the visa is 90 days and the permitted duration of stay is one month. The visa allows the applicants multiple entries. 

To be eligible for a business visa, the applicants must meet certain criteria.

Indian applicants must submit documentary proof like an invitation to attend the business meeting.

They must also meet certain health requirements and do medical checks in clinics recognized by the consulate or embassy before traveling.

They must submit proof of good character and this includes a police clearance certificate from their judicial police station. 

Indian applicants for an Egyptian business visa also have to provide documentary proof of funds to sustain themselves during their stay.

They can submit a statement from their bank or other similar documents. 

Most business visas are issued for a period of one year. 

Egyptian Transit Visa for Indians 

Indian travelers who have a stopover need to get a transit visa if the duration between the two flights is over 48 hours or if they are planning to leave the airport between the two flights. 

Indian passengers with a waiting time of more than six hours can get a transit visa by applying through the Egyptian embassy or consulate.

They are required to get the visa before landing in an international airport in Egypt. 

They are required to present details of onward tickets and travel itinerary while applying for a transit visa. 

If their waiting time is less than six hours, they are not allowed to leave the airport and will have to remain in the transit area.

Employment Visa for Egypt 

Citizens of India who wish to work in Egypt need to get a work permit or employment visa. Applicants need to apply through the embassy with supporting documents.  

They need to provide a letter of offer for a job from a company in the country. 

Like in the case of the Egyptian Business visa, they have to submit a police clearance and medical certificate along with their completed application form, passport-size photographs and legally valid passport.  

Egyptian Student Visa for Indian Students 

Indian students who wish to study in Egypt have to generally start their visa application process after receiving the confirmation letter from a university or educational institution in the country. 

They have to first get an entry/tourist visa that allows them to cross Egyptian borders. Once they arrive, they need to receive a student pass and start applying for a student visa through their chosen university.

They should register their names within seven days of arrival at the nearest business office which will facilitate their student visa. 

They also should pay the complete course fee in advance and also the visa processing fee.

After a verification by the Egyptian ministry of interior affairs, they will be granted the student visa for the total duration of their study.

It is always good to do research on the requirements and criteria for the student's visa. They can directly enquire in the consulate or embassy to clear their doubts.

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Egyptian eVisa for Indian Citizens 

Indians are not eligible for individual eVisas, however, they can apply for an Egyptian electronic visa provided they are applying in a group through an Egyptian travel agent recognized by the Egyptian government.

The agent needs to be waiting for them at the port of entry and pick them up from there. This visa is issued only for short-stays related to tourism. 

Entry/Emergency Visa for Indian Tourists. 

To boost tourism, the Egyptian government recently introduced emergency tourism visas to citizens of six foreign countries including Indians. The emergency visa for tourism is granted for tourists from these countries for 15 days if they meet certain criteria. 

They have to provide a return ticket, a confirmed hotel reservation and proof of funds to sustain themselves during their stay. 

It is to be noted that an Egyptian visa does not guarantee a foreigner’s entry to the nation. They have to go through customs and immigration.

They may also have to face a few queries from the officers. The decision is left to the discretion of these officers and incorrect answers may result in a foreigner’s entry being rejected.  

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