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Egypt Visa for Czech Citizens

Gone are the days of having to visit the Embassy and wait weeks on end for your Visa to Egypt. Now, thanks to the Egyptian government, you can now obtain your Egypt Visa for Czechia citizens easier than ever before.

Don’t fall for “travel” agencies that charge astronomical fees, for as little as $2,200CZK and a few minutes of your time, you can have your Visa to Egypt in your hands in just 5 business days.

Pyramids in Egypt

The Requirements

Before completing your online application, you need to ensure that you have the following four things:

1. A valid email address.

2. A Passport that doesn’t expire for at least 6 months from your expected arrival date.

3. A digital Passport photo.

4. A clear, completely legible, digital scan of your valid Passport.

Once you have these items available, it takes less than 5-minutes.

Getting Your Egypt Visa for Tourism

Fill out the application completely and accurately, including the basics such as your name, address, nationality, etc, as well as your travel plans and Passport information, and you’re ready to submit.

On the next page, you’ll be prompted to upload the digital scan of your Passport and photo, as well as selecting your payment option. You can pay via PayPal or traditional credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express but please note, this is a non-refundable fee.

Once your payment is approved, we’ll start things on our end. We’ll quickly review your application and let you know if there are any discrepancies or other issues, so it’s important to check your email in the 24-48 hours after submission.

Once we’re sure that your application matches the information on your Passport and that there aren’t any errors. We’ll forward it on for processing and approval.

The entire process takes just a few days and you’ll receive the final determination about your Visa to Egypt within 5 business days via email.

That’s It For The Visa Application?

Yes! Egypt Visas for Czechia citizens has never been more simple. Once you receive your email, all you need to do is print it! This Egypt Visa for Tourism is valid for 90-days from date of issue and will allow you to visit Egypt as a tourist for up to 30-days total.

It’s also your official travel document, so you need to ensure that you keep a copy of it with you at all times.

You’ll be required to present a copy of it when you arrive and you need to have a copy with you during the entire time that you’re visiting, that’s especially true if you have a happen to purchase a multiple entry Visa to Egypt. Either way, it’s generally considered good travel-sense to take at least two copies with you.

Get Your Visa to Egypt

Just about everyone wants to visit Egypt at some point in their lifetime, and now’s your chance. Simply fill out the online application, upload the Passport info as described above, and with that small fee you will have your Egypt Visa for Tourism in just 5 short business days.
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