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Egypt Visa for Croatian Citizens

For reasons unknown even to yourself, you keep putting off getting your Visa for Egypt. Last year, almost 9 million people obtained their Egypt Tourist Visa and now, thanks to the Egyptian government, it’s never been easier to get an Egypt Visa for Croatian Citizens.

Five requirements, five minutes, and five days is all it takes to get your Visa for Egypt. And we’re going to tell you how.

Pyramids in Egypt

Five Requirements for Egypt Tourist Visas

Before you complete the short online application, you need to know what you’ll need.

1. A valid email address.

2. A Passport that is valid for at least 6-months from your stated arrival date in Egypt.

3.It also has to be an Ordinary Passport — you cannot use travel documents such as Diplomatic Passport, Convention of July, or Maritime Passport.

4. A legible digital scan of your Passport.

5. Ability to pay the small fee via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal.

6. Access to a printer

As long as you have those 5 items, the process for getting your Visa for Egypt is quick and easy.

Visa Application Process - Five Minutes is All It Takes

The application requires general information such as your name, nationality, date of birth, etc, as well as your Passport information and travel details. In order to forego any delays in processing, take the time to ensure that your information is correct before submitting.

The next step is quick and simple - just upload that digital copy of your Passport and pay the small fee. The fee will generally average right around $100 USD, depending on whether you choose a single entry Visa or one that allows you to reenter.

A couple of things to note here however is:

  • The fees are not dependent on final approval of your application and are nonrefundable.

  • Before sending on for final approval, our experts will review your application and immediately contact you via email if there are any issues. This helps reduce the chance for application denial, so please watch your email in those first 24 hours after submission.

Get Your Egypt Visa for Croatian Citizens in Just Five Days

You will receive the results of your application for a Visa to Egypt via email in just 5 business days. As this is your official travel document, you need to print off at least one copy and keep it with you throughout your time in Egypt.
However, it’s generally considered a good idea to take at least two copies as a “just in case” security measure.

How Long is The Visa Valid For?

Thanks to the government of Egypt, Tourist Visas are valid for 90-days from the date of issue and allow you to visit the beautiful country for up to 30-days.

Apply for Your Visa for Egypt Today

That’s all it takes, a valid Passport and filling out the online application with your basic information and travel details. Upload that digital scan of your Passport and pay the nonrefundable fee, then print off at least one copy when you receive it 5 business days later.
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