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Does Egypt Have a Student Visa for Visitors

International students who wish to pursue their higher education in one of the universities in Egypt should start the procedure by getting a student visa. 

Foreign students must meet the pre-condition of getting admission in a university for applying for an Egyptian student visa. 

Based on their country of origin, the rules, requirements and guidelines for an Egyptian student visa change.

Read on to know more about the student visa. 

What are the Requirements to Get a Student Visa?

The requirements for obtaining a student visa change as per the nationality of the student and the duration of the course.

It is always good to research or check with the nearest Egyptian embassy about the procedures to get a student visa for Egypt. 

When to Start the Visa Application Process? 

Foreign students need to generally start their visa application process after receiving confirmation of their enrolment from an educational institution from Egypt.

They are encouraged to start the process immediately after receiving the confirmation letter in their email.

It is advised not to wait for the course to begin to start the visa application processes as it can take some time. 

What is a Pre-entry Visa for Students?

Students from certain foreign countries such as Morocco, Lebanon and Algeria need to get a pre-entry visa from the embassy of Egypt in their home country.

They need to fill out an application form for an entry visa at the office of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs. 

This form along with necessary documents will be sent to the Egyptian embassy near to them for verification.

 After verification, they can get a visa before arriving in Egypt or can get a visa on arrival. It is good to check with the embassy whether they need to get a visa prior to crossing Egyptian borders. 

How to Apply for an Egyptian Student Visa?

Depending on the country of origin of the applicant, the procedure can vary.

International students from eligible countries can start with applying for an entry visa or a standard tourist visa. For this they require only their valid passport. 

The eVisa for Egypt can facilitate their entry to the country.

They must choose an authorized port of entry and present the valid passport at the immigration counter.

They are also required to declare the purpose of their visit and the intended institution of study. They will receive a student pass. 

Once they arrive in Egypt; they need to report to the local police station or business support office in the local administration building.

They should register their name and address within seven days of arrival. 

They also need to start the application process for their student visa. They should fill out the application form that will be made available through their chosen school or university.

They can also access the form through the official web portal of the immigration department. 

Based on the country of origin of the applicant, the chosen course of study or duration of the stay, the documentation may vary.

Generally, they need to submit the completed application form, passport, passport-size photographs and letter of confirmation from the university to the Egyptian ministry of interiors to get a student visa. 

They are also required to pay the processing fee.   

Students are advised to carry the copies or their passport/original passport wherever they go in Egypt.

They may be intercepted by the police or other officials while traveling on a train or by road in the country. 

Students of eligible countries are allowed to take an online route to get their visa

For applying online, international students need to login to the official website and download the online application form.

They need to fill out the files and give online permission to the government officials to check their application to grant security approval. 

If there is a delay in receiving security approval, eligible students will get a temporary visa for one semester.  

It is to be noted that if the applicant is a citizen of the US, Canada or European Union and if his/her security approval is not received on time for applying for the student visa, the business support office cannot apply for a temporary extension of the visa. 

Once the approval is received, students can download the student visa enrolment certificate form and fill it out. 

They need to submit the completed form, original passport and photographs to the business support office.

They are advised to wait for an email from the business supporting office with details about the exact date and time for their document submission appointment.

The business support office works from Sunday to Thursday. 

Once they pay the fee, it will take a few days to get their visa. Most student visas are delivered within 30 days of application. 

Supporting Documents Needed

International students applying for a student visa/permit in Egypt are required to submit a few supporting documents.

All applicants should produce a letter of acceptance from a university or educational institution in Egypt.

Make sure that the institution is recognized by the Egyptian government. The letter must have the name and the duration of the course. 

Candidates for the student visa should declare the evidence of funds to support themselves during their stay in the country. It can be a bank statement or security statement. 

They are required to pay the complete course fee in full before applying for the visa and provide proof of that. 

International students are not eligible for government medical insurance in the country.

However, they need to arrange private medical insurance as they are liable for bearing the treatment cost while in Egypt.

They have to provide documentary evidence of the insurance during the visa application. 

They also need to demonstrate an interest in returning to their home country once the study program is completed. They are not allowed to work or stay in the country afterwards. 

All immigrants including foreign students are required to follow Egyptian laws and comply with the visa regulation while in the country. 

Validity of Student Visa

A student visa for Egypt is valid for the duration of the course.

The visa validity can vary from one year to three years.

It is important not to overstay the visa in Egypt.

Note that the visa will be issued only after students pay their fee in full, register in their university and security and enrolment verification.

They also need to clock a minimum of 12 credit hours to be eligible for the visa and for graduate students this is capped at nine hours. 

Other Ways to Get the Student Visa

Upon Arrival in Egypt.

Go to the business support office to get a Student visa application form and security approval.

In the absence of the application form and security approval, they will issued a student visa valid for a semester.

Then, students will need the student visa request form. So, download the form and fill it out.

Attach a copy of the passport to the form and submit to the registrar’s office.

Go to the business support office after five working days with the original passport, one photo of the student, and pay the application fees.

The visa processing takes between seven and twenty working days.

If they do not get the security approval on time, they can apply for a three-month tourist visa.

If it expires before they get the security approval, students can extend the visa for another three months.

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