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Egypt Student Visa

Egypt has some of the best educational institutes in the world; so, it no surprise that a lot of students wish to travel to Egypt for educational purposes. You will need to visit the Egyptian consulate in your country to get an Egypt tourist visa. As much as you can apply for the visa at an Egyptian consulate, it is best if you submit your application weeks before your intended travel date.

If you are a North American or European citizen it takes a shorter time to process the visa and you can even apply by yourself. The processing time for the visa may take up to eight weeks, depending on the country of citizenship.

In most cases, students who want to obtain an Egypt student visa will need to get a standard tourist visa first. After obtaining the tourist visa, they will then proceed to register their name and address at a local police station within seven days of arriving in Egypt.

In addition, you will also need to pick up a visa application form at the institution where you are studying, after which you will submit the form alongside your passport photograph and international passport at the Ministry of Interior for your application to be finalized.

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You can choose to obtain your visa before you travel to Egypt at the Egyptian consulate. You can either pick up their visa in person or through their mail.

If you wish to receive your visa by mail, you may need to wait for some weeks, but if you go to the consulate by yourself, you may receive your visa in a few days or even wait for it.

For citizens of Syria and Iran, the visa processing takes up to eight weeks.


Citizens of the EU countries, the USA and Canada can get a tourist visa on arrival when they get to the Cairo airport. But due to the ever-changing visa regulations, consult with the Egyptian embassy to know if there are new visa requirements.

To get an Egyptian visa on arrival at the airport, buy the stamps required at any of the exchange windows before you get to customs. Put everything together with your arrival card and passport, and get them stamped.

Once you are in Egypt, the educational institution you want to attend will liaise with the Ministry of Higher Education so you can get your Egypt visa for students. It may take about eight weeks to complete the process of getting the student residence visa, and that is why we recommend an Egyptian tourist visa.

Your passport must be valid for the entire time you will be staying in Egypt, and you will get your Egypt student visa after you have registered, paid your school fees, and verified your enrollment into the school. To be eligible for student visa for Egypt, you must register a minimum of 12 credit hours or nine credit hours if you are a graduate student.

The Steps for New Arriving Students are Outlined Below

Complete the online application form.

Go to the business support office to get your application form and security approval.

In the absence of the application form and security approval, you will be issued a visa valid for a semester.

You will need the student visa request form. so, download the form and fill it out.

Attach a copy of your passport to the form and submit to the registrar’s office.

Go to the business support office after five working days with your original passport, one photo of you, and the application fees.

The visa processing takes between seven and twenty working days.

If you do not get the security approval on time, you can apply for a three-month tourist visa. If it expires before you get the security approval, you can extend the visa for another three months.

Why Should You Apply for Egypt Visa Student Through Us?

You can apply for an online visa for tourism, which is the easiest way to get your Egypt student visa.

The application process is the easiest.

You do not need to visit the Egyptian consulate before you travel to Egypt.

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