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Egypt Government Website

For any information regarding Egypt visa online and the application process, the Egypt government website to do this is visa2egypt.gov.eg.

This is the Egypt visa government website where you can learn about how to apply for Egypt visa online. If you, however, want to apply for Egypt visa online, the fastest site to visit is Natvisa.

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Welcome to Natvisa

We take away any stress for you by doing all the work. You are only required to submit the necessary information, and we take it over from there and ensure that you receive your visa document in your mail as expected.

It is a secure and simple-to-use web portal for everyone who intends to travel to Egypt anytime soon.

It is a Highly Secure Portal

Apart from the fact that we do excellent work regarding Egypt visa online, is a highly secure platform. We provide highly secure, hassle-free, online application. With our simple and user-friendly website, everything is laid out in a way that anybody will easily understand it.

The entire visa application process is straightforward, and you should complete everything within minutes. Even though you can apply online via visa2egypt, our services are highly sought out by clients.

All information received is also securely stored without any risk of compromise. We will not share the information we receive from you with any third-party except for the authorities in charge of processing your Egypt visa.

We Review All Applications to Prevent Visa Rejection

We want to ensure that Egypt visa online applicants get their visa application approved. We have seen numerous cases where applicants were denied visas for the most trivial reasons.

For this reason, we review all applications and images submitted by applicants to make sure they meet the visa requirements and will not cause problems for the application.

This is why we have a high success rate, and all our applicants have their visa applications approved.

E-Visa is Sent through Email

The beauty of applying for Egypt visa online is to save yourself the stress of going to an embassy or consulate to wait in lines. When you apply for Egypt visa online through our site, you will receive your E-Visa in your email as a PDF file.

You have to print out the document before you make your trip to Egypt. This way, you save time and avoid the stress of waiting in queues or booking an appointment at the Egyptian embassy to submit your visa application.

Steps to Apply Through the Egypt Visa Government Site

  • Sign up on visa2egypt.gov.eg with your email address and other details you may be asked. Signing up takes only a few seconds.

  • Sign in to your account to start a new application for Egypt visa online. You can also access your pending applications by signing in.

  • Complete the application form with your accurate and correct details.

  • You will be asked to make a payment for the application. Use your debit card or credit card.

  • Ensure you are applying for your Egypt visa online at least seven days before your intended departure.

  • After completing the application process, including paying the application fees, your application will start being processed.

  • After processing your application, you will get an email that contains the application status. If the visa is approved, you will get it in PDF format so you can print it and take it with you when you travel to Egypt.

Types of Egypt Visa Online and their Fees

There are different types of visas, as defined by the Arab Republic of Egypt. You have to choose one, depending on why you are visiting Egypt.

  1. Tourism Visa

This is for travelers whose countries require them to obtain a visa to travel to Egypt. Some countries are allowed to travel to Egypt without a visa, while some must have their visa prior to their travel date. Tourism visa is of two types, and they have different fees.

Single-Entry Tourist Visa - $25

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa - $60

Entry Requirements for these Visas

  • You must have a passport with six months validity from the date of arrival.

  • You must print out your E-visa document.

  • You must provide a travel itinerary.

  • Details of hotel bookings.

 For seamless Egypt visa online application process, visit our site on egyptvisaonline.org, and we will make sure you receive your visa in your mail in due time.

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