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Reviewing the Egypt Government Website (visa2egypt.gov.eg)

Technology has helped governments across the world make visa processing easy for applicants.

It has made preparing for international travel much less of a hassle.

The government of Egypt has also gone online for processing electronic visas for citizens of a few eligible foreign countries.

Read on to know more about the official electronic visa portal of the Egyptian government. 

What Do They Do? 

The portal was created exclusively for facilitating the Egypt eVisa applications for foreigner travelers.  Foreigners who wish to travel to Egypt for business, tourism and cultural activities can apply for the electronic visa.  

The Home Page

This page explains the application procedure for the Egyptian eVisa and hosts various tabs that guide the applicants step by step. 

Foreign nationals who are planning to apply for the eVisa will have to start by creating an account in the portal.

Later on, they can sign in to the account to access/restart their pending eVisa applications or to start a new application. 

The landing page of the portal also has tabs to make payments towards the visa processing fee.

Applicants are encouraged to start the visa application and make the payment at least seven days before their planned trip. 

The home page of the website also hosts a visa processing tab wherein the applicants can enter their electronic address. Once the visa is processed, they will receive an email about the status. 

About Egypt

Applicants are provided with an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the culture, landscape, geography and history of the country that boasts of one of the oldest civilizations.

The page details shortly about the unique geography of the land. 

The About Egypt page talks about River Nile and how and why it became the lifeline of over 90 million people of the country.

It also narrates about the Red Sea and magical island reefs in and around it. 

The page also briefly talks about the adventure sports activities, entertainment and leisure activities that travelers can embark on while in Egypt. 

How to Apply

The page shows a nine-step guide that will help applicants with visa application. The steps are as follows:

  • Create a personal account in visa portal
  • Then, they have to confirm the registration of their account
  • Login to the website
  • Click on the apply now button
  • Read the instructions before choosing the visa type
  • Fill out the application form with correct information
  • Make the payment using recognized debit cards
  • Wait for the approval email
  • Once they get it, take a print of the eVisa as they are required to present it to the immigration officers at the port of entry.


The disclaimer page details the rules and regulations for the visa. It also talks about the several causes for visa rejection. They are as follows: 

  • The visa processing fee is not refundable and the payment will be processed within 24 hours.

  • Applications which are not completed will be rejected.

  • Having an eVisa will not guarantee entry to the country. There can be further verification at the port of entry.

  • Holders of an eVisa cannot work or do business in the country without any permission and it will be considered as a legal offence.

  • A visa, be it an electronic or a paper visa, is a legal requirement to enter Egypt.

  • All applicants must take a printout of the eVisa and present it to the immigration officials at the port of entry for verification.

  • Foreigners with diplomatic, official, service or refugee passports cannot apply for an Egyptian eVisa online. They have to apply directly at the nearest embassy or consulate.

  • Every adult applicant needs to create a separate personal account to apply for an Egyptian visa. Parents can apply for minor children from their personal accounts.

Apply Now

This is a page wherein the applicants will start the actual application process. They should have their registered account ID and passport.

They can then sign in and start filling out the application form for the eVisa.

Make sure to gather identity documents like passport and debit card before starting the application. 

They are encouraged to do proper research to understand the specific format and size for uploading their documents. This will make the application process seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions  

The page has a few frequently asked questions by foreign applicants. Some of the questions are as follows: 

What is an eVisa? It is an official authorization granted to citizens of eligible countries by the Egyptian government to visit the country for tourism and business. Without an eVisa foreigners cannot enter the country and officials at the port of entry will verify the documents to check its validity. 

Who Requires an eVisa? Here, they have listed the foreign countries citizens of which are eligible for an Egyptian electronic visa. 

Types of eVisa? There are two types of eVisas for tourism—multiple entry eVisa and single entry eVisa. The page also shares information about the fee structure. 

What are the requirements? The website gives detailed information about the documents that applicants should upload for the eVisa. This includes passport, travel itinerary and accommodation details. 

Contact Us 

Through this page visa applicants can contact the authorities. They have to share their query and their specific questions. The visa authorities will contact them back with their reply.  

Is the Egypt Gov’s Website Fast and Reliable? 

The official portal is not that fast. It is comparatively slow even with good internet connectivity. The website has recently received a D in the rating carried out by GT Metrix.

However, the website is reliable as it frequently saves information and never crashes. Applicants can fill out the data and upload the images without much hassle. 

Do They Provide Customer Service? 

They do not provide customer care services. They have a Contact Us page wherein applicants can write their queries. The officials will reply to them personally via email. They do not provide any services to the applicants beyond this. 

Applying Through Natvisa

Applicants who are applying through Natvisa.com will be given 24/7 customer care. We are experts in visa applications.

The government website is very strict about the size and format of the passport and other documents that are to be uploaded. Nativisa.com on the other hand accepts all formats and sizes.

We also do the necessary cropping, resizing and formatting of the images. 

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