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How is the Visa to Egypt Delivered? | eVisa and Regular Visa

Traveling the around the world can be a very fun activity. Especially Egypt. However, before doing so, its important to ensure that proper documentation is attained prior to travel.

The most important piece of information to travel to African nation is a valid tourist visa to Egypt. This visa will allow travelers to gain approved entry into Egypt, and its delivered online via an email.

One thing to keep in mind is that an Egypt visa can be obtained in a variety of different manners, this includes obtaining one physically at the ambassy/consulate, or online.

Below, we’re going to describe the process having the visa to Egypt delivered; may that be an email or regular mail.

Egypt eVisa VS Regular visa

The government of Egypt offers two types of visas for foreign tourists—eVisa and regular visa.

The electronic visa is perhaps the most convenient visa as the application process is easy, quick and online. It takes the applicants only a few minutes to complete the application.

However, only citizens of eligible countries can apply for it.

Foreigners from countries that are not eligible for an eVisa have to apply at an Egyptian embassy in their home country. The Egyptian government grants regular visa for tourism, business, temporary stay and studying.

Foreign nationals have to select a visa type based on the purpose of their visit and duration of the stay. 

Delivery of eVisa

After the completion of the online application and making the payment, the eVisa will be processed in five to seven working days.

The eVisa will be delivered to the applicant’s email address. Since it is an electronic address and electronic visa, the chances of it not getting delivered is less likely. 

Applicants can get a copy of the visa whenever they want and can access the document via any device including their cell phones. 

Applicants who chose Natvisa.com to apply for an Egyptian visa can get their visa delivered in their Natvisa dashboard.

What does the eVisa look like?

The dashboard has all the visa information displayed in a convenient manner. They can access the visa and all related documents/information from anywhere and anytime.

How to Print: Use a Printer at Home or at a Print Center

The best way to make sure that visitors able to travel in Egypt without encountering any issues at immigration is by applying for a visa online.

There are several different websites and services online that you can use to obtain a valid visa which will allow visitors to travel to virtually anywhere in the world with ease.

Sites like Natvisa enable printing the Egypt visa online so that the user does'nt have to worry about waiting in the immigration line once they land in the country.

To begin the process of obtaining a visa online they will need to select the country that they are from and the country that they will be traveling to.

After they finish that step, they will be able to print the Egypt eVisa.

The best part about it is that they will be able to use they own printer or can go to a local print shop and get the document printed there.

Printing the eVisa to Egypt should not be a hassle, but its very important to do so.

Delivery of Regular Visa

Application for an Egyptian Embassy visa is comparatively a lengthy process. Though it varies from consulate to consulate, in most cases, applicants need to schedule an appointment with the embassy.

Once they reach the embassy, they can collect the application form and complete it. 

They have to submit the completed application form and all required documents and pay the processing fee.

After that they have to wait for the visa to be processed. The waiting time depends on the volume of the application in an embassy.

Once it is done, the embassy will send the document to the registered address via postal or courier services.

The timelines can vary, but most consulates deliver the visa within 10 working days.

In some embassies, applicants can send their application through the mail. In this case, they have to enclose an envelope with the return address.

This will be used to send the passport and other documents back to the applicant’s address. 

How to Expedite the Visa

Applicants are advised to make a checklist of documents needed for the specific type of Egyptian visa that they are applying for as they are different for different visas.

Gather all the documents and their photocopies before arriving for the scheduled visa appointment. This will make the application process faster.  

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