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Arriving in Hurghada International Airport

There are many reasons why people visit Hurghada from different parts of the world. If it is not for the sun, it is for the beach and the sea as well as other tourist attractions in the city.

For anyone going to Hurghada, their arrival into the city will be through Hurghada International Airport, which is located along the southwest of El Dahar, downtown of Hurghada.

After Cairo International Airport, Hurghada International Airport is the next busiest airport in Europe. It serves the seaside resort of Hurghada along the coast of the Red Sea. It is also where many leisure flights coming into Egypt from Europe land.

If you have sorted out your visa for Egypt and you are arriving at Hurghada International Airport, below are a few essential things that you should know.

Pyramids in Egypt

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Be Prepared with Visa

Preparation is important when visiting Egypt. Both before and upon arrival, it is pertinent that you have everything that may be asked from you, the most important being your Egypt visa.

You can get your Egypt visa on arrival, but these days with the online visa application, you can easily get an Egypt visa online.

Simply fill out an application form, pay an application fee using your credit or debit card, and wait for the visa to be approved. You should apply for an Egypt visa online at least a week before your trip.

Applying for Egypt visa online will ensure you do not stand for too long in queues before getting an Egypt visa on arrival.

With the online visa application, you receive your Egypt visa before you arrive and then go about your regular schedule as planned.

Travel Insurance

These days, traveling without traveling insurance is not very smart. Whether you are going for business or leisure, sign up for travel insurance.

The benefits of travel insurance are numerous, and it will come to your rescue should you find yourself in unexpected, unfortunate situations.

Make sure your travel insurance covers things like stolen baggage, medical, missed flights in case delays like car breakdown happen, lost, or misplaced passport.


With your visa and flight sorted, the next thing that you must ensure is your accommodation.

Check out hotels close to Hurghada International Airport or the places you would like to visit. Book the hotel before you arrive and get your confirmation details.

Putting these in place, especially your approved online Egyptian visa, will help you make sure your stay in Hurghada is a smooth one.

With Egypt visa online, you will not be delayed before boarding your flight and when your flight lands. You will not go through the stress that those using visa on arrival have to go through.

When you arrive at Hurghada International Airport, if you want to engage in fun activities, you can head over to Hurghada Jungle Aqua Park Tickets, Transfer, and Lunch or go for the Desert Quad Bike Safari or a Day Trip to Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

You can also go swimming with Dolphins or take a bus trip to Cairo and Giza. Hotels that you can stay at include Cordoba Suits Hurghada (if you are on a budget) and Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle (if you want luxury).

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