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Colombia Visa and Check-MIG for Venezuelans

Venezuelan citizens who want to enter Colombia as tourists do not need a visa. However, they still need to familiarize themselves with the entry process to make it easier and faster.

Here is information that all Venezuelan citizens should have before they try to enter Colombia. That way, they should be able to get into Colombia without problems.

What Do Venezuelans Need to Visit Colombia?

As long as Venezuelan travelers can legally enter Colombia as tourists and plan to stay for 90 days or less, they do not need a visa.

Note that they can look for work in Colombia while they are there, but they cannot earn money without switching to a work visa, which will be discussed later.

Travelers entering Colombia who intend to stay for a long time or who want to live in the country or attend school there will need to get the right kind of visa before they can do those activities.

In addition to the proper travel paperwork, Venezuelans entering the country will need to fill out a Colombia Check-MIG form before they enter.

This form is easy to fill out online or via a mobile app. They will not be allowed to travel to Colombia if they have not completed it.

Venezuelan citizens also need to make sure they have the necessary paperwork for Colombia’s COVID-19 protocols.

These are subject to change and travelers should check them before they leave home.

Everything Venezuelans Visitors to Colombia Need to Know About the Check-MIG

The Check-MIG form gives the Colombian government travel and contact details for people, as well as health information relevant to COVID-19.

It allows them to track people who enter the country, so they can ensure compliance with COVID rules. It also allows them to contact people who may have been exposed during travel.

Travelers can find the Check-MIG form via the Colombian government’s app, or they can fill it out and submit it online.

Either way, it should not be started more than 48 hours before travel to Colombia. This ensures that all information is up to date. 

It generally takes less than 24 hours to process the form once it is submitted, and many people receive notice that their form has been approved right away.

The form will ask for details from the traveler's passport, as well as for an email address and contact phone number.

It may also ask questions about health, exposure to COVID, vaccination status, quarantine plans, previous travels, and more. Travelers should provide honest and accurate information.

Once the Check-MIG has been approved, travelers can choose to print it out or simply show proof of approval electronically.

What Venezuelans Need to Cross the Border Into Colombia

Most of the time, Venezuelan citizens who want to enter Colombia as tourists only need to show a couple of documents in order to enter.

The first of these is this valid Venezuelan passport. It should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the time of their entry into the country.

Secondly, they need to show proof of onward or return travel. This cannot simply be a reserved plane ticket.

Instead, they need to show that they have fully purchased a ticket on a form of transportation out of Colombia that leaves before their visa expires.

If Venezuelan citizens are entering Colombia on a visa, they will also need to show this before they can enter.

Can Venezuelans Extend Their Tourist Time in Colombia?

Venezuelans who want to stay more than 90 days in Colombia on a tourist visa can extend their visa online.

They should navigate to the Colombian Immigration Authority website and click on “Permiso Temporal de Permanencia para Prorrogar Permanencia”.

From there, they can follow the directions to complete the form and submit it. There is a small cost associated with filing this form.

Note that travelers will need to have photos of their passport that show their Colombian entry stamp, as well as proof of onward or return travel.

These visa extensions are usually processed within one or two business days, and travelers will receive notification of their status via email.

If they are approved to stay longer in Colombia, they should keep track of that email in case there is confusion later.

Common Visas for Venezuelan Citizens

There are a number of Colombian visas available for Venezuelan citizens. These are some of the most popular options.

Visitor Visas

If visitors from Venezuela want to stay in Colombia for more than 90 days (or 180 days, if they can get a visa extension), they can get a visitor visa.

These allow people to stay in the country for extended times to do things like get medical treatment, be part of an academic conference or exchange, do an internship, and more.

Note that getting one of these requires travelers to demonstrate what they are doing in Colombia, as well as giving the government a copy of their passport and a photo.

Other requirements may change based on the reason the person wants to travel to Colombia and stay for an extended period.

Retirement Visas

Retiring in Colombia is easy with the retirement visa. Travelers will need to submit a copy of their passport, photos, and proof that they have retirement income over a certain amount.

This amount is subject to change, so applicants should check this information before they try to get this kind of visa.

Retirement visa holders will also need to show that they have medical and health insurance that covers them in Colombia, or helps them get home if they need to.

Retirement visas are usually good for 1-3 years, and they can usually be renewed if travelers want to remain in Colombia beyond that period of time.

Work Visas

Venezuelans who want to work in Colombia will need to have a work visa before they can do so. They can find a job on a tourist visa, then apply to get their visa type changed.

They will need to prove that they have a job in Colombia.

In addition to providing passport information and photos, they will need to show that they have a contract with a company that makes more than a certain amount of money every year. 

If their job requires a degree or certification, they will need to submit this. They also need a statement saying that their degree or certification is legitimate.

Finally, both of these documents need to be translated into Spanish if that is not their original language.

Companies in Colombia may be able to help travelers obtain these documents. This can expedite the visa application process.

Resident Visas

If people from Venezuela want to live in Colombia for an extended period and they qualify, they can apply for a resident visa. These are good for up to 5 years and can be renewed.

Travelers may qualify for this kind of visa if they marry a Colombian citizen, have a Colombian father, or invest a certain amount of money in certain ways in Colombia.

They may also get this visa if they have renounced their Colombian citizenship but want to return to the country long-term.

In addition to passport information and photos of themselves, applicants for this visa will need to show proof that they qualify for Resident status.

If they aren’t sure what to submit for this, they should ask before they apply. That way, they can be sure they have their documentation in order.

Venezuelan Consulates & Embassies in Colombia

Venezuela’s main embassy is in Bogota. However, they have consulate offices in nine other major cities in the country. Finding help when travelers need it should not be hard!

How Embassies Can Help Travelers

Embassies mostly serve to help travelers who are in distress while they are away from home.

These offices can issue new passports if these are lost or stolen, or if they expire while a traveler is overseas.

Embassies also help visitors who are the victims of a crime, such as a robbery or an assault, while traveling, and they can help if someone dies while overseas, too.

They are also set up to help people who get into legal trouble overseas, particularly if the trouble comes as a result of cultural confusion or mistakes. 

No one wants to think about these things happening while they travel. However, helping distressed travelers is what consulates and embassies are there for.

With all of this information, Venezuelan travelers should find it easy to enter Colombia. Then they can enjoy their time there without worrying about what might go wrong.

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