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Explaining the Visa to Colombia for Tourism Visits

Hailed as one of South America’s most bio-diverse countries, Colombia is a sought-after holiday destination among international travelers who wish to connect with nature.

The Latin American nation is a prime location to spot wildlife, experience unique culture and quaint countryside. 

Most foreign travelers who wish to visit Colombia need legal authorization from the government of Colombia. A visitor visa for tourism is the legal permission granted to citizens of visa-required countries. 

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Colombia Visa for Tourism 

The government of Colombia issues Type V (visitor) visas for foreigners who plan to come to the country for various purposes including tourism, business, medical treatments, journalism and participating in sporting, cultural or religious events.

A visitor visa can be granted for trips as short as one week to three years and also for single and multiple entries. 

Who Needs a Visa for Tourism in Colombia? 

International travelers from all visa-required countries need a Colombia tourist/visitor visa to travel to the country. 

Travelers from about 102 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and most Schengen nations do not need a visa to enter Colombia for short term stays related to tourism.

Visitors from these countries can stay up to 180 days in the South American nation in a calendar year without a visa. They have to, however, get an extension within the 90 days of arrival. 

Foreign travelers from all visa-required nations such as India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia should get a Colombia tourist (type V) visa to visit the country for tourism. 

Who Is Eligible for a Tourist Visa for Colombia?

Genuine tourists who meet the character and health requirements to apply for the visa are eligible for it. They need to provide proof of economic solvency and declare their intentions to leave the country after the permitted period of stay. 

How to Apply for a Colombian Tourist Visa?

Foreign travelers planning to get a tourist visa must apply for it at the Colombian embassy or consulate that is near to them.

International tourists who are in Colombia can apply for the visa at the office of ministry of foreign affairs in Bogota provided they have a legally valid passport. 

Foreign nationals can start the application process by filling out an online application form. They can do so through the official website of the country’s ministry of foreign affairs.  

They have to submit personal information such as the name, country of origin, date of birth and passport details like number and date of issuance.  

There will be questions related to the purpose of visit, travel itinerary and accommodation and if they had been denied a Colombia visa previously. They should be careful to provide the right answers and dishonesty can result in visa denial.   

They should provide error-free information and make sure to complete the application form within the stipulated time frame.

The session will expire in 30 minutes.

Applicants should gather all the information and documents before starting the process so that they can complete it within 30 minutes.  

They have to attach scanned copies of all the documents and select the nearest Colombian consulate to submit the application.

They can also make payments online.  

After this, the applicants should schedule an appointment at the Colombia consulate. On the day of the appointment, they have to personally visit the mission.

They will have to record their biometric details like fingerprints and signatures and their photographs will be taken.  

The embassy will inform them about the status of their visa through the registered email address.

They can then collect the visa from the mission once it is approved. Some missions may mail the visa to their registered address.  

Foreigners who are applying for the Colombian tourist/ visitor visa within the country should select the ministry of foreign affairs’ office in Bogota as the application location. They can collect the visa from this office once approved. 

Documents Required for a Colombia Tourist Visa 

All applicants should submit the following documents: 

  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of six months
  • A copy of the information page of the passport (for online application)
  • Details of previous Colombian visas (If any)
  • Passport size photographs in jpeg format (If uploading online). It should be a recent photo taken against a white background.
  • Bank statements from last six months as proof of funds
  • Details of travel itinerary including the flight tickets  
  • Accommodation details.
  • If the applicant is visiting a family member in Colombia, he/she should submit proof of their relationship.

Note that travelers arriving from countries with a risk of yellow fever should submit a yellow fever certificate. 

Applicants should complete the visa application procedure within the 15 days of the online submission of the application forms.

In most cases, the personal interview date is scheduled within seven days of completing the application form. 

What is the Processing Time for the Colombian Tourist Visa?

The processing time for the visitor visa for Colombia varies from consulate to consulate.

However, most Colombian missions complete the process within five business days. It can go up to 30 days. Various factors such as a high volume of applications and errors in the application forms can cause the delay. 

What is the Visa Processing Fee?

The processing fee for a Colombia visitor visa for tourism differs from country to country. The cost of the visa varies from 19 USD (in Algeria) to 45 USD. 

Applicants can make online payments using approved credit or debit cards. If the applicant is in Colombia at the time of application, they can make the payment through Servibanca ATM or banks approved by the government of the country.  

In a few Colombian missions, applicants will have to pay at the embassy at the time of personal interview as there is no online payment facility.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the embassy for the latest fee updates.  

Can I Extend My Colombia Tourist Visa?

Foreign nationals staying in Colombia with a Type V visa for tourism can extend the visa. They can apply for an extension at the nearest office of Colombian immigration. All major cities of Colombia have immigration centers.  

It is important that the Colombian Check Mig is applyed for prior to arrival.

Applicants should make sure to apply for the extension before the expiry of their current visa. If they apply afterwards, they will be asked to pay fines for overstaying their visa validity period.     

Can I Work with My Tourist Visa for Colombia?

Travelers arriving in Colombia on a visitor visa for tourism cannot engage in paid employment in the country. Foreigners should apply for a M (Migrant) category work visa to be able to work in Colombia. 

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