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Services Offered by Migracion Colombia Official Website

Technology has helped governments across the world to go online for processing visas, especially the short-term ones. 

The government of Colombia offers several visa services including Colombia Check-MIG through its website migracioncolombia.gov.co. 

This has made visa application and processing much easier.

Here’s a review of the Colombian government website and the services offered by it.             

What Does the Website Do?

The migracioncolombia.gov.co. is the official website of the Colombian ministry of migration and is exclusively created for services related to visas and immigration

Foreigners and Colombians can login to the portal to apply for a Check-MIG, to check details about other immigration certificates, to know about exclusive services granted for Colombian citizens and others. 

The Home Page

The migracioncolombia.gov.co. has an easy-to-navigate home page that hosts several tabs. These tabs lead to specific services. 

Applicants can click these tabs to avail particular services like applying for Colombia Check-Mid or information about departure requirements for minor children. 

These tabs are the quick-access to the service of the applicant’s preference. 

The home page also hosts a link to the official website of the government of Colombia. 

The website is in Spanish. Visitors who do not have competency in the language can switch to English.

Note that the rights of the content are reserved with the Colombian government. 

Colombia Check-MIG

Once a visitor clicks on the Check-MIG tab, he/she will land on this page. 

This is the actual page wherein an applicant can register for a Colombian Check-MIG. Before starting the application, the applicants can browse through some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this mandatory travel document such as below:

What is a Check-MIG? It is an online registry that helps travelers, both foreign and Colombian citizens, to preload all the information related to their Colombia trip.

This technical tool is introduced to assist a faster and seamless immigration to the country and aims at reducing the interaction between the immigration officers and the travelers. The applicants are required to share information related to their health, accommodation, identity, passport and travel. 

How Do I Register? Under this FAQ, there is a detailed instruction for the applicants on how to apply for a Colombia Check-MIG. They have to login to the official website and can choose a language that they are comfortable with from the given options such as English, French and Spanish. 

All applicants must select their preferred mode of travel – via land, air or water – to enter the country and select the port of entry from the drop-down list to apply for the Check-MIG. 

Can I Edit My Details? The answer to this question is no. Applicants need to be extremely careful as no edits are possible after submission. The document will be emailed to the applicant’s registered email address. They can also download it from the website. Frequent travelers can create their own Colombia Check-MIG user. 

Apart from the FAQs, applicants are provided with a detailed step-by-step guide on the online Check-MIG application procedure. 

The Colombia Check-MIG page has two main tabs –a Check-MIG registry and the link that opens to the actual Check-MIG application page. 

See full list of Colombia Check Mig Requirements

Apply for Colombia Check-MIG

Once an applicant clicks on this tab, he/she can start applying. As suggested in the FAQs, he/she needs to choose a language. There are three tabs on the landing page.  

Apply for the Check-MIG: Applicants can start the application process after clicking on this. To apply for the Colombia Check-MIG, the travelers should submit the following information. 

  • Travel information such as means of travel, date of travel, country from where the journey begins, date of arrival and port of entry.
  • Personal information such as nationality, type and number of passports, date of birth, gender, occupation, email address and reason for the trip.
  • Details about the host including the contact number and address of the host.

Frequent traveler Check-MIG login: By entering the pre-registered email address and passport info, a frequent traveler can login to their Colombia Check-MIG user. The biographical information of a frequent traveler is already entered. He/she just needs to enter the travel details and answer a few health-related questions.

Consult and Download the Check-MIG: Applicants can download their Colombia Check-MIG pre-registration form with basic data here. This facility can be used in case of them not receiving an email notification due to technical errors.    

Departure Requirement for Minors

If a traveler is planning to leave the country with a minor (a child who is under 18 years of age), he/she should get a written permit from the child’s parents. The online permit application form can be downloaded from this page. 

For this, applicants can login to migracioncolombia.gov.co. and click on the Departure Requirement for Minors tag. 

The permit should have the date of departure, purpose of the trip and date of return. After the permit is granted by both the father and mother of the minor child, it should be attested by a notary. 

If the child’s parents have died, the applicant must get a civil registry of death certificate. 

In the case of an adopted minor, the adoption certificate should be provided. 

Apart from this form, they must also submit the passports or the other legal identity document of the minor and civil registration details.

The Colombian Migration Portal

This is the official portal of the Colombian migration department. The page contains the latest developments and news related to the activities of the department and information about the people in power in Colombia. 

The portal also hosts links to information about temporary protection statutes among others. Following are a few other tabs on this page: 

General Information: This page shows the mission, vision, objectives, functions, offices, directors and their duties of the migration department. It also provides the organizational chart, information about the integrated management system of the department, immigration service facilitation centers, immigration control posts and control entities.   

Procedures and Services: Information about various procedures and services offered by the department. 

Calls: Information about various tenders and other official communications. 

Contracts: Detail about the contracts that the department has signed. 

Budget: Information about the current budget allocations for various projects, programs and initiatives of the Colombian migration department. 

Control Entities: Details about the directors of entities controlled by the migration department. 

Departure of Minors: Details about the steps to be taken for the departure of minors from the country. 

Plans and Policies: Articles on various future plans and current policies of the Colombian migration. 

Venezuela: Rules, regulations and policies with regard to traveling from and to Venezuela. 

Contact: Contact details such as the phone numbers and address of various centers and offices of Colombian immigration department. 

Apart from the above mentioned tags the page also hosts tabs on administrative acts, press releases, C3 citizen consultation centers, general registry declaration, normative, statistics and unions  

VISIBLES – Temporary Protection Status

The government of Colombia offers temporary protection status (VISIBLEs) to people fleeing the Venezuela regime. The page hosts various links and tabs about this initiative. 

There are several multimedia presentations, infographics and tutorials about the program. 

There is also information about the biometric details collected so far and how many people have registered under the initiative. 

Note that a PPT (Permiso de Permanencia Temporal) is the Temporary Stay Permit issued to Venezuelan migrants. The VISIBLES tab contains the PPT forms and PPT residence validation details. The page also has a list of centers for biometric registration for getting a PPT. 

Single Registry of Venezuelan Migrants

This tab allows a Venezuelan migrant to check the validity of his/her PPT. If their PPT is approved, they can download the PPT Validity Certificate. 

They have to enter various information to check the status of this PPT certificate. They are as follows:

  • Date of birth
  • RUMV number
  • Document number

The disclaimer says that the information provided by the Colombia department of migration on this page can be used only for personal purposes. It cannot be shared with a third party for economic benefits. Such actions will be subject to legal actions. 

Approved PPTs

This tab also allows a Venezuelan migrant to print his/her PPT certificate. They can check if their PPTs are already printed through the Printed PPT button. 

Printed PPT

This button enables the migrant to know if his/her PPTs are already printed. They can also check if their document is ready for delivery. If yes, they need to choose a place to deliver the document based on the department in which they made the biometric registration. 

Procedures Section

This tab leads to a landing page that gives information about various procedures and services offered by the migration department. The page hosts two tabs – one for formalities and the other for services. 

Formalities tab contains links to apply for the following documents: 

  • Foreigner ID. This is a identification document issued to foreigners holding a Colombian visa for more than three months
  • Certificate of Migratory Movement is a document that lists the entries and exits of a foreign national to and from Colombia.
  • Extension of Permanence. This is the extended time granted by the Colombia immigration authorities to a foreigner before their arrival in the country and stamping their passport.

Foreigners and citizens of Colombia are provided with links to schedule appointments with the migration department authorities for their various services in this page. The page also gives tips for safe conduct while in the country. 

On the services tab, foreigners can read more on automatic migration and BioMig among others. 

Immigration Certificate Section

By clicking this tab foreigners can claim their Immigration Certificate by entering details about their passport. 

Citizens Service Section        

This tab leads to a landing page with links to various information that citizens of Colombia as well as the foreigner staying in the county must be aware of. This includes FAQs, glossary, directory, activity calendar and contact details of various offices under the department.

Open Data Inventory is a tab on this page that contains many useful data including the service points of the immigration department.   

The page also contains a dialogue on good treatment of citizen services and the decorum followed by the staff at such service centers. 

Transparency Section  

As per the laws of transparency of Colombia, this section details various information about the offices, policies and procedures of the Colombia department of migration. 

The page also has information about the income of the officers and how the department protects the personal data of its citizens and foreign applicants of various services. 

Foreigners and citizens of Colombia can click on the blue band on the top or at the bottom of the migracioncolombia.gov.co home page to go to the official website of the government of Colombia. They can access various services of the government through this website. 

They can also get to know the latest news about the Colombian government, learn about various industries like tourism and access services like driving license history. 

The home page also has a chatbot to help the applicants.

Is the Colombia Migration Website Fast and Reliable?

The official portal of the Colombia migration department is highly reliable and comparatively fast, if the applicants have a good internet connection. 

The Colombia Check-MIG application services are good and reliable as it saves the information.

The applicants can complete the form without much hassle.

However, the website can improve on the flow.

A few tabs and information are repeating and English translations are not available in some landing pages.

This makes it difficult for applicants to access certain services.  

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