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Different Ways the Check Mig is Issued

The government of Colombia has made it compulsory for all travelers arriving in the country to pre-register in the Check Mig form. 

A Colombia Check Mig is a mandatory travel document to enter the South American nation.

It is a pre-enrolment form created to help the Colombian government track foreign travelers while they are in the country as a response to COVID-19 management. 

There are two methods to apply for a Colombia Check Mig.

Applicants can apply for it through the Colombian government’s official website or through the mobile app.

Here’s what applicants need to know about the application process for the Colombian Check Mig. 

Why is the Check Mig so Important?

The government of Colombia introduced the Check Mig in response to the COVID 19 pandemic and continues to use it as a health declaration. 

It is a compulsory travel document for both foreign and Colombian travelers to enter and leave the country.  

All passengers including minor children must complete this health declaration form a few hours (at least 24 hours) before landing in a Colombian port of entry. Those travelers who are not abiding by this rule will be denied entry to the country by the immigration officials. 

The validity of this pre-registration document is 30 days.

Travelers need to fill out information about their trip, accommodation, health and identity to register in the Colombian Check Mig. 

Note that a Check Mig is not a replacement for a Colombian visa. Travelers from visa-exempt foreign nations can travel to Colombia with their passports, Check Mig and other supporting documents. 

However, citizens of visa-required foreign countries are required to get a Colombian visa to visit Colombia.

They have to carry their passport, visa, Check Mig and other documents to travel to the country. 

Applicants can login to the official website of the Colombia migration department or apply through the Check Mig mobile application that can be downloaded from google play store or Apple App Store. 

Applying through The Government Website 

The official Colombian website is reliable and comparatively fast. Applicants can login to the site and choose their language of preference and start the Check Mig registration. 

They can click on the Check Mig application tab to begin the process. 

Applicants need to enter information about their identity, passport, travel, accommodation and contact.

They will be asked a number of questions with regard to their health and vaccinations including the COVID–19.

They are required to give honest answers and without any errors. The submitted information must match that in the passport. 

Note that applicants cannot edit the information after it is submitted. Even involuntary errors can result in entry denial.      

Pros and Cons of Applying through the Website

The website is fast and reliable. The information is frequently saved and the applicants do not need to re-enter them every time they pause.

However, there is no edit option and hence the information submitted cannot be corrected later.  

Applicants will have to reapply for the Check Mig in case of an error, even if it is very minute. 

Applicants can get prints of their Check Mig if they are applying through the website. The printout is handy and will have the logo of the Colombian government and Check Mig. 

However, it will not have a QR code. Sometimes, immigration officials at the port of entry will not let the passenger in without a QR code.

The QR code makes it easy for the officials to verify the information and help them complete the immigration process faster. 

Is the Check Mig going away?

How to Apply through the Mobile Application (App)

Applicants can download the Check Mig mobile application. Like in the website, they can choose a language of preference from Spanish, French and English.  

After this, the applicants should enter in their information related to travel, identity and health. They are required to give the contact details of their host in Colombia. 

Once they complete the form, the official at the Colombia migration verifies the information and sends their Check Mig registration via their registered email address.

They will also receive a QR code. Immigration officials at the port of entry can scan this code to receive information about the traveler.

The Pros and Cons of the Mobile Application 

The Check Mig mobile application is frustratingly slow. The app takes a few minutes to load its pages. It is buggy and logs out several times during the application process. 

Sometimes, applicants need to re-enter the information again and again. 

At the end of the application process, the Check Mig mobile app produces a QR code, a machine-readable optical barcode. 

Immigration officials at the port of entry can scan this code to download the Check Mig.

This facilitates paper-free entry and is more environment-friendly.

However, applying through the Colombian migration website is faster and reliable.    

To make the application process easy, all applicants need to be prepared. They have to gather all the required documents like passport, flight tickets and accommodation details. 

Note that a Colombian Check Mig requires applicants to provide travel and accommodation itinerary.

Applicants should book their flights and resorts/hotels before applying for this document. 

Travelers from visa-required countries should get their travel authorization before starting their Check Mig application.

The Colombian Check Mig does not replace the visa. 

Ensure that they have a good internet connection and have done proper research. The Colombian embassy website can be a good source for research.

This immigration pre-enrolment can be done 72-hours before the flight and is valid up to 30 days. 

Ensure to fill out all the fields before clicking the ‘accept’ button. There is also a button to go to the previous pages.

Applicants cannot reapply for a new form while the existing form is being processed. They will have to wait till the earlier application is declined. 

After receiving the Check Mig in the email, applicants must take a printed copy. They can also save the form in easy-to-access storage in their mobile phones. This will come in handy at the immigration counter at the port of entry. 

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