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Colombia Check-Mig Requirements

In early 2020, the news of the expansion of the new pandemic was of great concern, raising the question of how the borders and the institutions in charge of promoting tourism would continue to operate.

Unfortunately for the world, the borders remained closed for much of the year as the virus spread. But the economic demand at the beginning of the second half of this year 2020 was forcing countries to adopt ways to start the travel process again.

In the first week of September of this year, on the 3rd, the Colombian government and its immigration authorities launched the Check-Mig application to the public.

How the Colombia Health Declaration form (Check-Mig) works

Check-Mig Health Declaration form, or also known as the Check-Mig Pre-Registration Form, is an online application with which the government’s migration authorities propose to reduce the time it takes to attend to travelers interested in both entering and leaving the country. This plan also regulates the risk of contagion of the new Covid-19 virus.

The new Check-Mig form allows you to state in advance all the reasons why you wish to travel and the necessary information about your trip. This process makes the immigration control interview much faster. So you will wait less in lines and at check-in counters and avoid direct contact with the immigration officer.

The Colombia health declaration form allows you to submit information such as your flight number, airline name, and your travel information. It will also provide information about the place where you intend to stay and the most important thing these days, your health status.

How to complete the Colombia Check-Mig form

The first thing you must do to start the application process is to navigate to our Colombia page.

Once on the Colombia country Page, select ‘Apply now’ on the Check-Mig type you want to apply for.

Required steps to complete the Colombia pre-registration form

Check-Mig Type

  • Select the type of Check-Mig you want to apply for

Entry Information

  • Check if your purpose is to enter or leave Colombia.

  • Enter the type of flight. Please note that most flights are commercial flights unless the airline or travel agency has indicated that the flight is a special or charter flight. Then enter the flight number (just a number without letters).

  • Indicate the airline you are traveling with and the Reservation Code.

  • Enter the itinerary of your trip, including the time and date you wish to travel.

  • Choose the means of transportation that you consider convenient for your trip. This includes the company.

  • Region of Origin

Please note that sometimes travel agencies or the airline itself will provide you with two booking codes, one that corresponds to the GDS (reservation system) confirmation code and another that is the airline’s code.

The reservation code that you must provide in the Check-Mig process is the airline’s code; otherwise, you may have problems when registering the reservation code during the Check-Mig immigration check-in, as the application may not recognize it.

Generally, the GDS code is composed of letters only, while the airline code is composed of letters and numbers, and at the end in brackets is the airline code. Example (AV) for Avianca, (TK) for Turkish Airlines. In the “Booking Code” field, you must type only the six characters (number and letters) without the airline code.

Applicant Information

  • Fill in the fields that require your personal information. Include your first name, last name, date of birth, etc.

  • Inform if the applicant is a minor. If the answer is Yes, you will be asked additional questions.

Passport Information

  • The type of document you have and its number.

  • Next, enter the expiration date of the document you selected.

Travel Information

  • Check if your purpose is to enter or leave Colombia.

  • Choose your departure or destination city.

  • Enter your nationality.

Accept the proposed terms and conditions if you agree with all the requirements.

When you finish entering all the required information, you can check your application status on our website Dashboard. It is available under ‘Applications’ and under ‘Orders’ on our customer Dashboard.

You should know that the completion of this form or guide is a necessary requirement for legal entry into the country. The Check-Mig migration process will be an easier, faster, and safer way to guarantee your travel to or from Colombia.

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