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Colombia Check-Mig for citizens of China, Japan and India

Before traveling to Colombia, travelers from Asia, including citizens from China, Japan and India, must first meet the requirements to enter the country.

Before traveling to Colombia

Citizens from some Asian countries need to present a tourist visa processed at the Colombian embassies or consulates abroad by completing the Check-Mig form required by the Colombian authorities.

These are some of the steps necessary to complete the declaration form (Check-Mig):

  • Travel method (air, land, Maritime or river).

  • Provide personal data, including names, date of birth, nationality, and country of origin.

  • Travel details including date of entry, country of origin, and other general travel information.

  • If applicable, flight information including airline name, flight number and itinerary.

  • Travel documents.

You can obtain the complete pre-registration form (Check-Mig) and fill it out.

There are different types of visas for those who are not traveling to Colombia for tourism purposes. These travelers should consult with the Colombian consulate before starting their trip for the requirements specific to the reason for their visit to Colombia.

Entering Colombia

Below find information related to baggage entry, foreign currency entry regulations, and temporary imports.

During your stay in Colombia, you should also keep in mind the emergency numbers and the entities that watch over your safety and well-being.

When entering Colombia, passengers may bring in two types of baggage: accompanied baggage and unaccompanied baggage. The luggage that the traveler brings into the country at the time of entry. It may consist of personal effects and permitted items.

Before or after the traveler's arrival, the baggage that enters the country must be consigned in the traveler's name. Suppose part of the luggage has already entered or is going to enter the country as cargo.

In that case, it must be declared on a Baggage and Money Declaration form, and the customs official must be informed before leaving the customs area. Otherwise, the shipment will be processed for ordinary nationalization. Baggage entering thirty days before or ninety days after the traveler's arrival date must pay a 15% tax.

The Entry of Money and Merchandise

In addition to personal effects, each traveler is allowed to bring money and merchandise into Colombia. Whether or not these are tax-free depends on the following conditions.

  • Total amount of US$ 10,000 or its equivalent in any currency. If the amount carried exceeds this amount, it is necessary to declare such entry before the corresponding customs authorities.

  • Articles for family and personal use in non-commercial quantities up to US$ 1,500. These items are duty-free and must enter Colombia as accompanied baggage.

  • Must report articles of domestic, sporting, or personal use, or for the traveler's art, profession or trade, in a maximum of 3 of each type, up to US$ 2,500. These goods must pay a 15% tax, and the traveler must comply with a minimum stay abroad of 5 days. It may enter as accompanied or unaccompanied baggage.

  • Travelers bringing cultural, historical, artistic, or ecological goods must report them to the customs authorities.
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