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Canada Travel Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Canada is a great place to visit all year long. Mexican citizens can enjoy relatively easy entry into the country and, once there, can take advantage of everything Canada has to offer.

Before they enter Canada, Mexican citizens need only meet a few basic travel requirements. Here’s what they need to have before they enter the country.

What Kind of Authorization Do Mexican Citizens Need to Enter Canada?

Mexican citizens need a travel document called an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada.

These are the details they need to know about this authorization.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?

An Canada ETA is a document that is issued online and permits people who hold passports from Mexico to enter Canada.

The eTA for Canada program began in 2015, and is also available for people from other visa waiver countries.

This list includes the United States, as well as more than 50 other countries.

The eTA program allows the Canadian government to track who is in the country, to disallow travel by dangerous people, and to contact travelers if they need to.

It allows for increased safety for both citizens and travelers. In addition, because everything is tracked electronically, fewer mistakes are made in the tracking process.

The Canadian eTA is for people with Mexican passports who want to enter Canada by airplane. It permits stays in Canada of up to 6 months, so travelers don’t have to feel hurried or rushed.

People from Mexico can travel to Canada on an eTA if they are traveling as a tourist or if they have family they want to visit in Canada.

Additionally, the Canadian eTA for Mexican citizens permits people to do business in Canada. They can sign contracts, attend conferences, hold meetings, and more.

Finally, the eTA allows Mexican passport holders to transit Canada while en route to a third destination.

The eTA for Canada is valid until the traveler’s passport expires or for five years, whichever deadline comes first. Reapplication is not necessary if the eTA is still valid.

As long as the eTA is valid, travelers from Mexico can enter and leave Canada as many times as they want or need to.

What are the Benefits of the eTA?

An eTA has many benefits over the traditional visa program.

The process of applying for and getting an eTA for Canada is much faster than getting a traditional visa. Most travelers can fill out the online form in only 10-15 minutes!

Travelers also do not have to go to a consulate or embassy to get an eTA, and they don’t have to surrender their travel documents or submit physical paperwork.

This makes getting an eTA so much simpler than getting a traditional visa! 

An eTA is also easier to deal with at the border. Because it is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport from Mexico, there is less paperwork to deal with and keep track of.

It makes border crossings faster, too, and helps keep lines short. No one wants to wait at a border forever, and the eTA permits faster entry into Canada.

Finally, using an eTA adds a level of security to all border crossings.

Applications are run through a series of online databases, so dangerous people will be flagged and their eTAs denied. This keeps them out of Canada.

Because the eTA gives the government contact information for travelers, it makes them easier to get in touch with.

If something dangerous occurs, the government can reach out and keep visitors safe.

How to Apply for an eTA to Canada

Getting an eTA to Canada is easy for citizens of Mexico. Travelers can fill out the application online and receive their approved eTA via email.

The online form for the Canadian eTA asks for basic personal information. Travelers will also need to answer questions on a few topics that are relevant to security needs.

Personal Information

The personal information section asks for passport data, including the passport number, the person’s nationality, the passport expiration date, and more.

Travelers need to be sure that the data they enter in this section matches exactly what is on their passport.

If it doesn’t, their eTA will be denied and they may have trouble entering Canada.

The same is true for data entered in the personal information section. This includes data such as the traveler’s name, date of birth, birthplace, and more.

Once again, if the information entered does not precisely match what is on the passport, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to process the eTA application.

Travelers will also be asked to enter contact information. This might include their home address, a phone number, and an email address. 

When the eTA is approved, it will be sent to the email address entered here. Thus, it is very important that this gets entered correctly, or the traveler will not receive their approved eTA.

Security Information

When it comes to security information, the eTA application asks for a number of different pieces of data.

This includes information about the applicant’s medical and/or health history. These questions are designed to keep travelers who might have communicable diseases out of Canada.

Some of these questions will focus on COVID-19.

Canada’s rules regarding this disease are subject to change, so travelers will need to be sure that they qualify for entry before they fly. 

This section also asks about a traveler’s criminal history and about certain political affiliations. It also asks about previous travels.

It also requests information on previous trips to Canada, as well as travel plans to and from Canada for this trip. 

This helps ensure that people who enter Canada are doing so in good faith, and that they will leave before the 6 months permitted by the eTA expires.

Essential Documents for an eTA Application

Filling out the eTA application goes faster when travelers have the necessary documents in front of them ahead of time.

Travelers will need their Mexican passport. They should check to make sure that it is currently valid, and that it will continue to be valid for at least 6 months after they plan to enter Canada.

If it will not be valid that long, they should renew their passport before they apply for an eTA.

Travelers also need to make sure that they have a valid email address and a valid form of payment. The eTA system accepts both credit cards and debit cards.

The traveler will also need information about their travel plans to and from Canada.

This should include flight numbers, flight times, the airport where they will be arriving, and other similar data.

Finally, travelers need a computer or another device with internet access. It should be one that they are comfortable using and have used before.

That way, they will be more likely to enter their information accurately and will be less likely to make mistakes in the process.

When to Apply for a Canadian eTA

Most of the time, the eTA for Canada will be approved within 24 hours of form submission. In fact, some travelers have theirs approved almost immediately!

When travel volume is heavy or applications need to be vetted manually, it can take a little longer to process these applications.

Most of the time, eTAs are approved or denied within 3 days of form submission.

When their application has been processed, travelers will receive notification at the email address on file.

As noted above, their eTA status will be electronically tied to their Mexican passport. However, they should also print off their approved eTA, just in case something goes wrong at the border.

Traveling to Canada is fun and easy. Mexican citizens can apply for their Canadian eTA and take their trip as soon as it gets approved.

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